Friday, 30 May 2008


It's been a very busy yet well packed n nice to enjoy week... after beach party I n II... and also the Steambot party.. today I get to meet my idol , my favorite writer.. GIDDENS...
I was so late to be there, and while listen to his story, I didn't pay much attention and not so concerntrate...

and guess what?
met mR . Tan n also several TARC student.. hahaaha... so unexpected~

I wish to buy a few books which I dun have.. but the fact is Im broke... boleh tengok tak boleh sentuh~

Well Well Well~
signature time.. wahahhaa.. and ofcourse I took photo with him..
see how inspired is his signature?

I look really shit~

He said I look like a main character in a japanese movie or drama or animation.. name Chiwawa?? not really remember.. I really got my mind blank when he talk to me.. yipeeeda buuuuu

and ofcourse the buddy that accompany me go there is the precious horse~ Beh!! later on he fethced me to fetch his wifey Sue Ann and we three go supper, then he drop me n goes his bro house to do some affairs~ hahaah~

So again, I balik kampung makan with Elisa for my second supper~ Hory! You are Getting FAT!

It is a memorable n nice week ~