Thursday, 31 December 2009


I ask my friend a question. "How you feel about your 2009?"

A year that is happy, with no regrets tho lots are remains undone. He answered.

I do not set any resolutions last year, as I don't resolute any of it back in years 2008. So I think I didn't have anythings that I remain undone... *evil grin* Since I have no guide to follow, I live so freely and being punished as well. I do learns, not dare to stay I turn metal man but at least stronger and better and handling my life. Should that be good? I think it is good!

Obstacle are normal in life, they are meant to help us grow better and stronger.

Personally, I don't really like 2009. It is so breath takings dangerous, I almost game over in my future but somehow I'm back together as the happy me.

2010, is stepping near... I can hear the footsteps by now... *excited excited*

Well, may 2010 is a fun-filled year, a moving forward year, a achievement fulfilled year, a great year as I have 2 convocations to attend. XD

Till then, I am expecting a good year, it will be a good year...

Goodbye 2009,
Welcome 2010...


Monday, 28 December 2009

Dear Daddy


四年了,日子还是一样的过 。我还是一关一关的过,一关一关的闯,不懂你有没有察觉,至少我真的觉得我比较懂事了。还是有点调皮,喜欢闹妈妈,偶尔喜欢跟她吵点小嘴不过不会再跟她闹太大的脾气,知道每次我和她吵大架时你都会很担心,会不开心。所以我现在很会忍让你的老婆,她好我也好,钱比较容易按。很衰仔是吗?衰仔也是你的仔。

我转了学校了,在新的学院上课还真的是有点不习惯的。我真的没有很努力,懒惰了,怎么办?要考试了, 我也很怕,斋怕,什么实际行动都没有。鼓励我一下,好吗?不过我的小聪明,应该能把你交代我做好的事情办妥。 少了你叫我加油,要好好读书,总觉得什么都少了一点点。。。





Sunday, 27 December 2009

Konichiwa~ Kiimochi neh?


'Virginity is like robbing the women, for men "first experience" that only once in a lifetime, I have to inscribe in mind that the supreme pleasure of a special event together. Best quality cherries and women like you want to make a SEX such Virgin'

OMG, 吓素我


Saturday, 26 December 2009


Never be so excited to try out something new, curiosity seriously kill my little kitty... meow~

As I said, I went club on 25th Night, not seeing any naked Santa inside, disappoint big time!!

I have dilemma choosing which one to be in there and have fun. FAME is always my 1st choice, (make me a VIP please) but Then ONE Club is spotted, it is a new club in the neighborhood, so we wanna give it a try cause usually new toilet are nicer to use XD

Salesgirl : Come lar Come lar
Hory : Inside got people a?
Salesgirl : Not Bad ah.. quite a lot...

MY ASS!!!!
I can feel the air-cond rushing tru my ears.... it is so windy inside...

I really bored my ass out, terbelah dua inside, just plain standing and drink!
till a limit, I am high...

FUN but so SS.. cause we are the only table that dance till sweat in the club...
when only we started to dance, we are like the only monkey in the huge zoo, eyes are staring...
the camera man is taking our photos, making us the club treasure... shameless...

I ate someone's tongue, hope that she is not poisonous cause now as my lips are cracking now, I think she is poisonous...

God bless! Tomorrow I still have my lips, pouted nicely

like this
Anyhow, I am a little bit drunk and drive safely home~

kiimochi neh!

Friday, 25 December 2009

I'm Whiping Santa To Run My Sled

Ding Ding Dong
Ding Ding Dong
Ding Ding Do Do Dong~~

Seriously never get enough of the MCD's Chivas, I just have a few sips! and DANG!
Well.. have to pen down something, so I can remember how I spend my Christmas Eve 2009. I ends up successfully rushed back for the BBQ after the wedding dinner and surprise them a little, this little... then eat clamp, eat sotong balls ( in chill), watch the little stingy stars, see those rich motardfootka burn money into the sky... when stuff started to get bored, we moved to the Permai's field to chill, but ends up we go MCD beg for free coke... sigh, cheapo cheapo!!!!

This year, I don't go club to count down... which is indicating I'm moving toward to a healthier life? Good sign...

Later go club...

Dear Christmas,
I have nothing to wish for, so you can probably give me anything, or everything...

I know you will think that I'm lying if I tell you I'm a bad boy

Thursday, 24 December 2009


Am not really a Christmas guy, or be more accurate am not really a festive guy. When I was a kid, my excitement exaggerated, feeling the rush, the happiness of festive especially Chinese New Year and Christmas, cause my dad usually give me big prezzie!

Remember when I was faking my sleep, my dad help me to put on my Power Ranger Watch, got water inside it. Damn Chio..

As I grow older, the more indifferent mood I have toward those special days. As if it is not going to happen again...

Last year, it was just another big excuse for me to run out wildly in club...
This year, I am going to Fake Sister In Law's wedding dinner, if can I might want to rush over
the BBQ~

Should or shouldn't I write down my resolution? I didn't usually resolute my resolution...

Dear Santa, if you happen to visit me tonight, please don't be shock that I didn't hang a sock for you to put in my present... I just wish that I can have a peaceful and wonderful year 2010 coming ahead, wish I can be happy, healthy and wealthy , and this goes to people around me... ain't hard for you, rite?

X'mas Eve
ding ding dong ding ding dong~ding ding dong ding ding dong~

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

微笑的早晨, 我好劲啊!

Please believe that I sleep at 4 am and by norm I shall be waking up around 1pm but I'm excitingly awake at 7.30am...

What a day? I woke up effortlessly early and feeling great!! Wish to have breakfast, any companion? Even my morning class on Friday never able to wake me up at this hour...

I can't help but to feeling CHEERFUL!!!

...Good day...

Evangeline Is Sweet, 许愿吧!

The Princess and The Frog, should have given a better name but despite of that I had great fun watching it. It has been more than a century when I last enjoy a Disney's Princess, never doubt I love one of the soundtrack, but I don't know what is the song title.

I had another movie in the same day as well, which it is the Wind Cloud 2! 风云... like playing those fighting arcade in cinema... Fight till the end... then the movie end tailless... still nice watching it with those very outdone actions and graphics...

Am I aging or what? When I'm watching Wind Cloud, I have a very tired leg, which might be the sigh of sitting too much. Ass having too much affair with cushions...

Back to the main topic I wanna say about, I had a very mix-up feeling today. I had made a very bad move weeks back, which no one can be pin-pointed at but me. I am the one who kinda complicated the situation, and pushed myself into deep shit- smelly shit!

I once have the choice of ending the mess in a very short and best way, but I hesitated and drag on the problem hoping that it will be like those others, gone with the time.

I'm trying too hard to fix it and make it comprehensive to the person, but the neglect attitude of the person make me so troublesome, I felt so sinful and don't know which act is the best for myself and so I gave some damn shit answer when I'm being questioned...

Monday, a very mind troubling day yet a very cheerful day... I purposely make myself occupied so I will have no option when I have to make choices, I am finding tons and tons and tons of excuses to make myself away. Deep in my heart, I prepared for the worst but hoping nothing will ever happen.

Both options aren't the option I will pick, one will make me regret another will make me lost a friend, so called friend... but honestly, I nearly wanna pick up the option that gonna make me regret big time but have some pleasure moments... silly me..

Maybe my wishing to 'Evangeline' are being heard and replied with good deed.. I have my third option which won't happen anything I won't wish it to happen. I kinda ignored everything, meaning I am avoiding the problem again...

Wishing to 'Evangeline' again, problems may be swept under the mat and see no sunshine ever again... till then I am a free soul...

Saturday, 12 December 2009


I wanna hit the club at 1.45 pm, 12 Dec 2009
I'm so in mood!

I'm imagining what's my X'mas present, where I'll be? Fake Dear's sister wedding dinner...

I'm imagining how I'm going to spend my New Year Eve...
I love how I spent it last year

I wanna back to Paris, it has been 10 years since my last visit...
I wanna go travel!

Surprise me please!

by the way,

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Hello December, going to LoVe ya!
Happy World Aids Day
I'm gonna do safe sex tomorrow to show my support, any volunteer?