Sunday, 8 June 2008

Money for Happiness

hey hey... I just back from celebrating your birthday with u ... celebrate? hang out is kinda of suit more...

1st time you come n fetch me... so touching.. haha.. like you really are my partner n come to fetch me.. haha

then we head to Gurney.. then we are kind of lacking topics to chat.. hehe.. reach gurney.. we go hang around. then We go the spectacle promotion there to have a look.. the sales girl is kind of attracted to you.. haha .. if not she wont ignore me to serve you de.. but happily you seems taking my opinion quite seriously.. haha..

then we move to MCD to have drinks n chit chat.. haha.. you see the video we took last night during the making of sand cake.. haha... you seems touching...

then we moved on to the GIorDANO.. where I used 3o for a T-shirt in order to help you get discount.. stupid hor? but I like to see you happy.. hehe.. n Elisa reached there... you need no to rush back for dinner .. She need no to rush for fetching uncle.. so good...

then we decided to watch "PROM NITE".. I m chicken I admit it!!! but I like the way we interact inside.. haha.. be frank I like the way you scared me.. haha.. I 犯贱..

After the movie we hang out at Celebrities Fitness.. we hang around.. for the club visit.. then I saw E-kit n friends... they was like looking at me.. n saying something behind.. maybe saying Im the beast n you are the good looking? who knows? I dun care la.. then we manage to get the free trail.. hahah... seeing you tmrw n we go celebrities fitness to work out.. shy la wei.. I so fat!!!

So happy that you stick to me like a kid...

June Seventh

Your birhtday.. A very very Happy Birthday to you..


Today I planed so nice to make something sepecial, yet not so special actually for you.. n I dragged 2 of my friends in this dark water.. hahah
you cannot spare time to celebrate your birthdaty with me, then I celebrate your birthday with
my friends... hahaha

I go the the beach, on 5 or 6 something and start building a sand kind of cake for you... so kind of me.. I did it under heavy rain with Elisa.. played with crabs n dead fish around.. like a mad kid...
Your tomb~

By the time I done the sand cake, the sky was still too bright for me to light up those candle.. n the rain was too heavy as well.. if I'm sick.. hopefully you can relate it .. haha
so we went to House of Steambot to have our dinner... then back to Crown Beach to have my second sand cake.. hahaha... things come out as what I wants.. haha .. slightly different is acceptable.. hahah

My curse on myself was right n shown up.. I got bruised my knee n hand... haiz.. haha.. well, I think it is worthing more than enough if that is for you.. but not to others....

and I never know that you are so near adround... aiks...

take a peep~

How good am I?~ Very good~

less than 12 hours later I will be seeing you.. haha... you will fetch me for the 1st time.. n we will go for a random outing... looking forward..

Hopefully you like your birthday's present that I scratch until my scalp bleed~ T.T