Monday, 31 August 2009


I'm planning a perfect escapade away from those evil 666's born internet and all the technology that comes along with it. I need to concentrate on my study, FULLY would be the best adjective in this action. I will be carrying a cheerful heart, happily along with those textbooks, pencil case, calculator, full scrape papers and my cell phone with headphone along... who called it a escapade from technology?

Well well well

Far before I get to carry out my escapade perfectly flawless, what am I doing? I'm blogging here, refreshing facebook homepage every 5 seconds I turned away from it, I'm watching Ugly Betty Season 3, and I'm msn chatting with Milk King... Luckily tonight no 'extra' business for me.

Again I wanna ranting about something, which is a fairytale.

I work in a cool airline, as one of their service crew on board better in named, Air Steward. Sigh, I just love to be adventurous, visiting around the world, seeing things with different perspective! Well, despite of that, I'm working part time as a fabulous *not going to be disclosed*, I'm much enjoying my life.

Staying in my own condo, with those i-love-it renovation. Having a master bedroom size of wardrobe filled in with all my outfits... and blah blah blah as it going to be never ending

I live happily ever after in my dream


Spoiled Brat.


It has been 52 years of independence

Happy Birthday

I'm proud that I born in this land

but never proud of those internal affair

Sunday, 30 August 2009


Today, still woke up in the noon time...

I had a vegetarian brunch, felt nice about it. Suddenly an idea pops in, why not I becoming a full-time vegetarian?

Vegetarian are Hotter

It just appeal me for a few minutes then puff~ there it goes I'm tearing the meat with my teeth...
there is no doubt being a vegetarian is great for all, but I just an omnivore.

Recently, I have been dreaming to become a air-steward, haha... don't laugh!
I dare to dream that's all, I still know how to differentiate the reality and the dream.

Exam is here again, same old subject, same old textbook, same old attitude, same old laziness...
Wishing a new result. Amen

Sunday, 23 August 2009


I Lurve the Steamboat
I Lurve the Pool
I Lurve the Pillow Talk
I Lurve those Beer's Games
I Lurve Truth or Dare
I Lurve The Dogs
♥ Cats Hot Sessions
I Lurve Bully Enson
I Lurve This The Most

All Exclusively in 11楼4号

I Just Can't Stop Lurving Everyone Staying in 11楼4号 on The Special Night.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Hey, Mr. Chairperson.

To a mighty friend,

It doesn't matter, it is just a fall. What matter is the way you going to put yourself together. We often find very hard to fit in ourself into perfection, not only you. Everyone hopes to be someone doing something big, you had played your role, not to say well, not to say perfect and it is flaw but so what? You did it like nobody business. Those condemned you, so who they are? Like you said, have they been into your shoes?

You might not be the best I wanna work with, we have our own styles. Many a times, I don't agree with how you work, but hell mine is another hard to cope with style. The past no matter how bad is it, we had done our best not to worsen it, we sweat we bleed we had how many sleepless night nor late night work to made it at least not so close with failure, so what the hell you take it as a failure? When people don't agree with our succeed, first we got to agreed with our own self, so that's the way we get to convince others we actually triumph it loud.

Compared with others, we marched the way, we stomped so loud, best of all the fun you had like no others. There is only once a lifetime chance, there would not be the same if you had a second chance. Keep on looking down at the bad side, will only worsen the you that you been hating for, so what for?

Hey, Mr Chairperson... when everyone taking it as a mess, you don't look like a mess, you should be the one who clear up the mess....

Hey, Mr Chairperson, I had a great time with your event... Thank you.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


It has been sometimes I last updated those non-sense I did in live, sigh~ been much serious person recently... as if I'm...

Just done the marvellous yet significant OO Nite 09/10, where goes my pride? Swear and swear and swear that don't wanna involve in any SWC event anymore, yet still so itchy to dip myself in trouble. Upon doing the same old work for the third times, I shall be very get used to it and doing it so damn smooth. It does not as expected, I should emphasis... just the fun we had is much likely different with those we had last year, both are great! Just sometimes you will still miss the old times and those oldies who work together with you. Working with different people meaning that I had to cope with their style, and personality, adjusting most of our attitude to at least made many many parties feel OK with it. Sigh... however it is ended with a full stop by now. Hereby I swear again, not to involve in the upcoming event! I SWEAR!!!

What I have been to recently? Let's have some update~

This time I happily met Teddy Cheong, Rachel, Danny Fei Lou, Phey Phey and Fu Lian to help out me on my stage, they are as stunning as those last year juniors.

Special Thanks to Fish, who glittered my head, Beh who gives fake hope, Amanda to PHAY the polyform...

and others friends of life like Cindy, Tortoise, Vincent(who get credit personally later) and many many more stunning people!
To done my stage design that had been rejected, refined and lastly transformed into something that our advisor accept, which is totally different from what I had drawn out at the very 1st place~ but never mind I still believe I perform superior magic~

I didn't take much picture and those I have in hand I also very lazy to upload, let's have some to whisper~
I'm so sick climbing up the mountain and waiting people to fetch after collecting those lousy branches, we collect all the way up!! and collapse when we saw there is a big pile waiting for us...
early early know then no need so suffer
A headful of glitters
I believe I can fly~
That's how it looks like~ Phew~~
p/s : for more picture of Orientation Nite 09/10, do visit my facebook~

During this period, I saw smoking cricket~
How many times in live you get to see this?

My little kenari killed another life recently, last time he run tru this

now he crushed this...
and the victim are being cut into half...

Don't mess with my baby boy...

Upon the cleaning up day after O nite, I try to hoop on the stage.. and as a result, I receive an anugerah from myself...
Talk about this fishy~ 9 of them... I wondering how much of them left.. sigh... I'm so sinful~
just a random talk...

This is the ever 1st time I'm using my laptop to blog, his name is Toshy! quite handsome de...

I also wanna fulfil a promise that I promised
A promise shall always be a promise!

I'm waving good bye to you, the one who gone to Singapore for work. Wishing all the best with your career and do take care well of yourself.
sorry, love you still.

Lastly before I go off from my bloggie, I wanna teach you guy a lesson :

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

It's Taking A Lifetime To Move A Step Away From You





今晚我们却在天台见面了, 你总是很不礼貌的出现。
在和她回去的路程,我们也遇见了变态杀手。 我们慢条斯理的逃命。

在把门反锁的那一刻, 我并没有把你和杀手困在一起。