Thursday, 25 December 2008

When The Santa is Riding Rudolf, I'm Chasing After Them

Today is Christmas, No Snow over here... just plain body ache...

Yesterday was the Christmas Eve, at first I thought that I will spending it alone at home for this year... I am all emo over this issue..

Luckily The Billy Comes To Rescue

He asked me to club with him and his friends, at 1st I was quite hesitate to join as I know nobody despite of him... but when Josh decided to go, and the one who put me aeroplane decided to comes at last - Super Bottom Dandor! haha~ I got no reason not to go anymore! I need fun !

I was there quite early... 8 something, I met up with Scissors and Hou Hou as all my people are still having their own fun without me! sigh ~ Chat and talk with Scissors, while she is playing with poker, Dig Big Bro 2~ haha I don't know how to play even after so many times I have learnt..
by the way, Scissors got a new name from Dandor - Hu Li Jing , The Fox Lady

Billy was there before 11, Josh was there 11 something... Dandor!!!! was there at 11.39pm!
These people... sigh~ I was there 8 somthing

That particular night, I am like the liqour selling person outside of clubs, keep on telling my friends prices and so on so for.. So any commission for me?

In MOMO, what else I can do? haha..
Drink but not drunk.. as I need to drive Super Bottom home as well as myself.. many people, so little liquor.. don't dare to drink much as well...

but what am I going to do when I set myself in club?

DANCE~ Just Dance!
Shake and shake and shake
Slut and slut ans slut
Rub and rub and rub

well well well... I only danced with those I know.. sigh.. why no people approaches me? *build a bridge and get over it!*

Josh and Super Bottom both got something in hand, especially Josh.. si pek hiao

Additional scene : I saw the real fight outside of Mois.. wah~ hou geng a~~ hou sai lei a~~

Josh, Billy and others went back earlier.. Left me and Super Bottom continue in dancefloor, I didn't even know when Billy left, he left without a goodbye.. this kind of people...

By the way, surprisingly! I met You in club, I was not so happy for a second when I first know that you are there and dancing with guys.. but a second later, I found it so meaningless... I need to be indifferent to your stuff, even I can't I also need to act out that I felt indifferent about it...

Enson and Da Bing was not expected that I would saw them..

The Red Shirt~ haha.. I am so obsess with you! but you are... sigh.. I don't know how to say, so sad and dissapointing ~ lolz~

After those hard workout in club.. Im am classified as *si sua* means I'm like shattered into pieces..

till now, my neck, arms and waist are all pain... ish~ old old old~


This post, all the things are mixing here and there.. it is kinda of random, as I have a fuzzy mind when I'm in there.. dun expect too much~

Monday, 22 December 2008






我啊我。。。 竟然在想你
you, kat mana lobang? Malam ni pusu malam?

朋友, 我不再是你们的夹心面包了
珠, 你吃了没?


喂! 快点叫我。。

if can, can I have another hug?


如果可以, 我做你爸爸



Friday, 19 December 2008

The 1st Time I Got Tagged

Patutkah saya gembira atau geram?

1. What’s the relationship of you and her/him?
♫ He is male friend of mine over msn... should him be so? haha

2. Your 5 impressions towards her/him?
♫ He is easily annoyed, loves the one who bears the unbearable, he looks hotter in short hair, he gila till epilated his hair, he flirts me once in a while, he got 2 msn, what a weirdo he is?

3. The most memorable things she/he have said to you.
Hory, you are handsome! hahaha..

4. The most memorable things she/he had done for you.

5. If she/he becomes your lover, you will:
I will fuck him till his asshole bleed, rush him to hospital and ask the doctor to plaster his ass, better still sew it !!!

6. If she/he becomes your enemy, you will:
♫ Seriously, I will epilate his pubic hair! So you better beware!

7. If she/he becomes your love, she/he has to improve on:
♫ Only after he get over the one who bears the unbearable...

8. If she/he becomes your enemy, the reason is because:
Try to epilate my hair, force me to eat his pubic hair... haha.. I serious don't know, but it happens to be the 2 I mention, he will be dead straight! I swear on my tounge!

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?
Next time, I shall help you to epilate your hair.. *Wink*

10. The overall impression of him/her is

11. How do you think the people around you feel about you?
Spectacular! Handsome! WFT? I very obsess with myself

12. The characteristic that you think you have, is?
Marvelous inside out~ wohoooo...

13. On the contrary, the characteristic you hate of yourself is?
♫ Being too perfect! WTF?

14. The most ideal person that you want to be is?
♫ my perfect role model would be Hory Hor.. well, he got all in one package~ OMG!

15. For the people who care about you and like you, say something about them.
♫ 1st of all, I would like to thanks my papa, mama, aunty, uncle... ( a list of billionz people) without your support, there would be no Hory that you are seeing now.. Thank you!

16. 10 people you tag:

1. Estella
2. Billy
3. Sherene
4. Cindy
5. Dandor
6. Wuha Yip
7. who ever saw this
8. who ever saw this
9. who ever saw this
10.who ever saw this

Who ever did not do it, they would not pee for one day

17. Who is No. 2 having a relationship with?
♫ He sleep around I think, he love to try on new things

18. No. 3 a male or female?

19. If No. 7 and No. 10 were together, would it be a good thing?
♫ It could be, as I dunno who will be

20. How about No.5 and No. 8?
No.5 is a chest hair lover~ so , No.8 got to grow some chest hair first...

21. What is No. 1 studying about?
♫E-commerce n Marketing, major How to snatch a handsome guy's love? *scissors scissors*

22. Is No. 4 single?
♫ She said she is..

23. Say something about No. 6?
♫ Wuha wuha wuhahaha.....

I admit, I am bad! Sue me la!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Some People Likes To Make Jokes On Themselve To Makes Others Happy

There is an afternoon, which is a wonderful one for me that I just woke up not so long ago... After my goodie little brunch.. haha.. then I on my msn as usual.. while I thought that no one to be chat with in this Saturday afternoon, something interesting happens..

** Warning** The content is HILARIOUS!

Someone added me so long ago, n I deleted him out of my msn, as far as I remember he is just a kid with the age of 16 or 17.. the most I think he is just 18.. I can't really remember who he is, but still got tiny little idea.. The only thing I did it so wrongly, is sometimes I forget to block out those person I deleted their msn, as some I didn't because I reserve the future that we might be best friend back in msn..

I got no idea what is happening when the conversation window of this pops up! says (2:02 PM):
hey,stop disturbing him,u know who i mean -- people usually greet when they wants to talk.. says (2:02 PM):
what else u can do if he don't love u.just STOP it! -- well, He don't love me, I'll not love him too.. but you seems loving him but he don't love you.. Don't blame me on that, is you are the one who is not good enough!

- Having 2 ulcers in mouth, it simply kills me off(o.O)(O.O)Hory(o.o)(O.o) |那个东西不是时间,是距离| says (2:03 PM):
disturbing who?

- Having 2 ulcers in mouth, it simply kills me off(o.O)(O.O)Hory(o.o)(O.o) |那个东西不是时间,是距离| says (2:03 PM):
did u get the wrong person? says (2:03 PM):
no -- so sure that I am the one who grabs his love... I never know I'm that attractive.. :) you make my day :)

- Having 2 ulcers in mouth, it simply kills me off(o.O)(O.O)Hory(o.o)(O.o) |那个东西不是时间,是距离| says (2:03 PM):
then who im disturbing? says (2:04 PM):
think of it urself!! -- No! I can't think, I don't have a brain like you!

- Having 2 ulcers in mouth, it simply kills me off(o.O)(O.O)Hory(o.o)(O.o) |那个东西不是时间,是距离| says (2:04 PM):
i dun even know who u are...

- Having 2 ulcers in mouth, it simply kills me off(o.O)(O.O)Hory(o.o)(O.o) |那个东西不是时间,是距离| says (2:04 PM):
u very funny.. says (2:04 PM):
u don't have to know who i am,just stop bothering him! --This is hilarious! Like HK gangsters! ooo... I am shivering~

- Having 2 ulcers in mouth, it simply kills me off(o.O)(O.O)Hory(o.o)(O.o) |那个东西不是时间,是距离| says (2:04 PM):
who is the him?

- Having 2 ulcers in mouth, it simply kills me off(o.O)(O.O)Hory(o.o)(O.o) |那个东西不是时间,是距离| says (2:05 PM):
i dun even bothering anyone!

- Having 2 ulcers in mouth, it simply kills me off(o.O)(O.O)Hory(o.o)(O.o) |那个东西不是时间,是距离| says (2:06 PM):
u are damn fucking funny

Those light sissy purple are from Golila Lila
The bright brilliant green is from the Almighty Hory
Those red words are from me :)

and he just went offline, owh~ how manners he is?
The I was just wondering, why he could not provide me the clear answer since he wanted me to stop bothering the *anonymous* so much~ He should have just tell me who I'm bothering and.. Well, I might stop bothering..

I figured out some answers for myself since he is chickened and went off just like that..

1) Well, I attracted his guy? Am I or did I?

2)He is so stewpid, he get to scold the wrong person.. Chinese says : 点错相 that's why he just go off?

3)He just wanna grabs my attention on him? Trying to make me remember him?

so, anyone out there.. please, if you wanna stop a person from bothering your beloved one, please tell him who is your beloved one.. People like me are too attractive, I don't remember who I attracted :) and I don't usually bother a person as I am not annoying as * Golila Lila*

*evil's grin*
Take care of your guy people! Hory is coming to catch!! SAVE A LIFE PLEASE!!!


p/s: If you can't keep your love in your pocket safely, don't blame others when it fells off~

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Bo Balance

Just finished my Information System's test and my International Marketing's presentation today.. well... yesterday I had so much fun cooking over my friend's house, loiter in the mall.. doing things that what a rotten kid should be doing..

well well well... I did fucking badly on my Information System test, I didn't even flipped a page before I go for the test all that In my mind was presentation presentation.. because normally form my past experience I did quite well in Information System even tho I don't really study.

Consequences of not paying attention during lecture, tutorial and class skipping like a rotten kid..
I stared blankly on the questions paper, and the GOOD LUCK.. the GOOD LUCK is so fucking annoying when it appears on the paper.. haha.. I did it so badly, it got no different it I just submitted my name on a sheet of blank paper.. than different is the paper i passed up is dirtied by pen ink..

Back to International Marketing... well.. I did not really prepare my presentation this time, I just simply draw and jotted some points on the OHP slides, and I got a box of condom pasted up with Harry Potter picture.. haha.. as my presentation's tool..

While my turn to present, I felt awkward and have a very messy mind.. all the monkeys jumping inside, screaming.. argh~~ I am in trouble.. so I craps whatever is in front of my eyes.. I even have some stupid pauses and stucked. The sentence I made out , is kinda weird.. hahaa.. after I present out all, erm.. I felt like I am just doing my 50 out of 100.. which is awful!

Fine fine fine.. but when Miss Jocelyn annouced that she gave me 24/25 for my presentation, OMG~ what she is doing? She commented that Im nervous, but I manage to speaks, creative and fluent.. which all I think despite of nervous all are just another way round..

I felt so imbalance with my perfomance...

Cookery Cookery Cook!

There was a day, I cook for my lovely friend.. hahaha

save up those craps~

What I have bought to cook?

Winter melon
Fish cakes
Chicken Breast Meat
Chicken Drumstick
Cocktail Sausages
Smoke Ham
Yao Muk Vege
Just A Little Bit of Ikan Bilis

All cost me Rm 19~ cheap or expensive? I dunno~

And I have came out with this... The food doesn't look nice, blame the perempuan who keep on eat while I'm cooking~ She destroyed their look!

Let picture tells you the rest~

The Spaghetti, it suppose to be orange colour but my phone makes it looks yellowish

The Oyster Sauce braise Chicken Drumstick..

The Winter melon soup.. haha.. why fish cakes are inside? Coz I lazy to make another dish so I just buang inside.. not bad tho~

The Fried Yao Muk~ so little hor? Coz we eat while we cooking others... When it comes to photo session.. it dah jadi macam tu~ hahah


Thursday, 4 December 2008

Who I Am ? or Who I Am Suppose To Be?

Recently or be accurate this few days... My mood fluctuate like a lady with blood dripping out from somewhere ( let's not talk about discrimination, don't get me wrong! I found it amazing!)...

There are some very serious question been bugging me, trying to make my life not that enjoyable, not that interesting... urgh~ this is definitely not something interesting to talk about! TO BE WHO I AM ? OR WHO I AM SUPPOSE TO BE?

You can ask me to define who Hory is, I can tell you perfect answer.. but does the answer presenting the same way as who I am? I can only telling my very own perspective of who I am or who I wanted you to be impress with, hence I am very confuse... indeed very blur about it.

To be who I am?
Am I silence? Am I talkative? some find me silence, scary, proud and moody... some find me annoying, chatter box, funny... What can I tell is, sometime I really cannot find my very own comfort when facing with every individual. Like a stranger, if one's is trying to be close with me, approached me and talk about everything that I least interested or I find it pointless, I might be the one who show a very unpleasant face, and people take me as someone who is very hard to get near with.. Same things applied to my best friend that know me, they will find me even more ridiculous that what they are telling.. concluded, I am double faced?

To be who I am suppose to be?
You should smile more! You should be more easy going! should I be ? Lots of people been trying to influence me to be someone better in their eyes, some they succeed some not.. They been try to reform the Hory that they wanted him to be or I should say, sometimes the enviroment are not encouraging me being who I am, but who I suppose to be... I got to smile even I hate, I got to be silence even I got question to ask, I got to leave even I would love to stay....

Uncle and his family is back in the town, mom and aunts they all seems like so bonded and wanted to see uncle so much... is that the real fact I'm seeing? and Why I can't get along with them? The 2 reunion dinner, I dine as if I know non of them, what I know is finish my food, then I can leave the dining table, is not that I hate them, I just find myself suffocating without any reason... I can't speak a single line to my cousins, and they are all good person to mix with... Am I shy? or I'm a piece of arrogant shit?

Friends told me that, those who really know me, will find me funny and easy going ; those they dunno me will seriously take me as a very arrogant piece of shit...

Being who I am , and being who I am suppose to be, is both really hard to me... I felt that I'm a loner and I don't really understand who I am.. I'm sorry, I'm still learning...

P/s : this post is boring.. sigh~

This time, I wonder what it feels like
To find the one in this life, the one we all dream of
But dreams just aren’t enough
So I’ll be waiting for the real thing,
I’ll know it by the feeling
The moment when we’re meeting,
will play out like a scene
Straight off the silver screen
So I’ll be holding my own breath, right up ’til the end
Until that moment when,
I find the one that I’ll spend forever with
Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
Someone to love with my life in their hands
There’s gotta be somebody for me like that
Cause nobody wants to do it all on their own
And everyone wants to know they’re not alone
There’s somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There’s gotta be somebody for me out there
Tonight, out on the street, out in the moonlight
And dammit this means too right,
it’s just like deja vu
Me standing here with you
So I’ll be holding my own breath,
could this be the end
Is it that moment when,
You can’t give up, looking for a diamond in the rough
The wind shows up, (make sure you’re holding on)
Cause it could be the one, the one you’re waiting on
And everyone wants to feel like someone cares
There’s gotta be somebody for me, oh
Nobody wants to do it all on their own
Nobody wants to be the last one there

Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Last Glow of November

Here, I'm on 30 Nov 2008

It is on a fast track, everything happened in this month... I can't even digest before the another comes across. Lucky me, so far nothing really bad happened, but those happened have gave me some thoughts, share or not to share? better not....

Each time, I made a footprint on the ground I should feel that I'm solid.
Each time, I getting better and better, I want everyone to know that I'm vivid.
The glow I have with me, it will not be only spark. It shines through every souls that know me.
I wish I could.

Here's the good bye for the lovely November I have...

Monday, 17 November 2008


黑头!!!《 这里的字请highlight来看



明明好声好气的在聊,到最后跟你正经了一下,想不到你还震惊咯。。 吓倒我了!


几好笑几百下~ 你们真得再“耗嚣”我的感情咯!好心你们慢慢了解了才来说明白我, 不用急的, 你快又准也没有奖拿的, 真不好意思。。。

朋友做到这样真得很没有意思的,我看还是算了吧。。 免得误会来,误会去, 很“显”的!干来吊去是很累的。。。

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Rainy Oct

I just flipped a new page in my life, it is not easy
I tried to wrote something on it, but it does not ease
So I canceled some, and try to rephrase my life
But now I'm staring blankly on the new page
Not wanted it to be perfect, but hopefully it is full of joy

I don't know who is right, and who is wrong
I don't know how to make judgmental
So I can only make myself experimental
Not to give up, why should I? I'm still standing tall
Trying to see all, trying to get all, trying not to fall

People comes and goes, in this rainy October.. sigh~

Monday, 27 October 2008


There are certain things in my life that I should learn to say not to it..

NOT to care so much

NOT to think so much

NOT to wish so much

NOT to fantasize so much

NOT to believe so much

NOT to love so much

NOT to fall so much

NOT to trust so much

NOT to put in so much

and now...

I just can't give in and can't give up...

Fuck the one who make me in this situation..

Saturday, 18 October 2008


告诉你。。 我变了!我变到很 HAO LIAN

因为我现在可以大大声的HAO LIAN说 :

我是 ALL PASS 的。。 你看啦,我是不是很HAO LIAN

没有办法咯。。。谁叫我 ALL PASS? 我也不想HAO LIAN的。。。

真是的,开心到我半死。。。也HAO LIAN到半死。。所以就全死!! 呸!

还几怀念上个sem的事情。。。 很忙可是很充实!O Week 和 OO9都很开心。。。

当初还怕因为太忙而导致考试会不好。。。 结果你看, 我ALL PASS了!哈哈哈哈

我很HAO LIAN对不对?你吹啊? 我是ALL PASS。。。

看来我不只是HAO LIAN, 我还很欠揍!  

Saturday, 11 October 2008


终于, 事情都摊开了。 我不懂哪来那么多勇气?





患得患失。五年不容易, 现在化灰了的梦想。。。 是时候再慢慢的从新建立。





Monday, 6 October 2008























by 圈圈

或在爱情发生以前,他发现以后,我的心情总是很堵烂。。。< 这句是我的!

Sunday, 5 October 2008



呱呱吵的说要去逛街, 不要在家胡思乱想,弄些有的没的,总是折磨自己。犯贱

呱呱吵的一只说要遇见你,碰见你。。。 没停过嘴,朋友听了都烦! 我却不亦乐乎。。。

我总是很多话的一个人,我也很胆小。我想遇见你, 我更害怕碰见你。矛盾



交谈间,我语塞,脑钝。。。 仿佛,你并不认识我的,一直在和我的朋友小小声地交谈,谈一些我不知所云的事情,那十分钟,你并没有和我又眼神交流,我是透明的。。。不存在的。。我一直都是。。。到最后,那敷衍似的交谈, 让我整个情绪都开始崩裂。。。

是我要我的朋友告诉我所有的事情,你跟她解释那个男生不是你男友,不要误会,为什么你不能大大方方的解释?可悲的我,原来,我朋友问你,为什么不和我说话时,你答了句“我不知道跟他谈些什么?” 原来我又令你苦恼了。。。而也是我自己讨了这个苦头来吃。

现在的我,知道了。。。原来那个星期二,那封信。。 你看过了, 你也问过我的朋友了。追逆起来,你好像已经开始在逃避我了。 我说过的,你看了,我们就没有办法当朋友。。。是我没有办法面对你, 对不起是我不好。。。

3.27am 我发烧了,手脚都很冷。。 脑涨涨的,不舒服。。。 我太在意你了。。

是时候摊开来, 跟你把事情解决了。。。 我不逃避了,我愿意把事情跟你讨论了。。。 几时?很快。。

*5年前- bilik mesyuarat 外,鱼池前,把那叠传单丢给你, 并不是偶然和随便的。


*4年多前,偶然发现你会在巴士站等巴士,你的脸好酷也好凶! 星期三,你常出现,我都会很早的 收拾好书包,跑到巴士站笨笨的守株待兔。


*2006年12月26日,在网站遇见了你,超超超开心的。。我是bus stop junior 你是bus stop senior!


*2007年4月8日,我生日,你email 给我的生日歌,mail 是不见了,快了我永远保存了。
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to Junior,
Happy Birthday to You...


后来,在你不见的时候,我一直给你send offline message, You're the Apple of My Eyes这句话,你不会不懂。

*2007年10月28日,WHO R U 和 DON CONTACT ME ANYMORE 分别在简讯的MSN里出现。我很受伤,我发现我很在乎你了。。。

*2007年12月,Hi 是你msn我的,你找回我了,我好开心!


*2008年4月5日, 你出现了,第一次载你,警察局的入口处~No Air, 你和我都说很好听! 那个夜晚,我们还有一堆的朋友去了Clubbing。。。我很很很开心。。 一切都是值得的!

*2008年4月11日,我和你去看了《三国无双》 第一次一起看电影!

*2008年4月12日,12小时内,我们又见面了!我们又去看《阿隆》! 你亲手帮我戴上你送的项链,the day is the day of my life。

*2008年4月19日,我们去看《功夫之王》,票根掉了 ,我见不回。活像个笨蛋!

*2008年4月24日,FF 的人打给我,你不开心!

*2008年4月25日,珠的生日,我们去了Faces, 我并不知道那些事,过后我都没去了。

*2008年5月23日,Narnia- The Chronicle of Prince Caspian。 我的车坏了。。

*2008年6月7日,你的生日,我绞尽脑汁的不懂给你送些什么,结果做了那张卡,买了那本书,还到了海边弄了一个点满蜡烛的沙蛋糕给你,你没办法来,因为你和朋友庆祝生日,无所谓, 我也可以帮你默默的庆祝。。。 我的手手脚脚都受伤了,不过我很开心。原来你和我都在海边,我们却没有遇见对方。。。

*2008年6月8日,今天是轮到我了!手脚都很痛可是我还是觉得超值得!我们看了《PROM NITE》, 那颗气球。。


*2008年8月6日,我明天要跟你告白,今天,你有了男友。。。什么话都要往肚子里吞, 不可以让你为难,一点也不可以!

*2008年8月7日,那个午餐。 原来你发现了那封信。。 对不起,我不应该。。。

*2008年8月8日,故意给你的面包! 世界上没有那么顺便的事情。。。

*2008年8月17日,《WALL-E》,这天我很安静。。。因为,你有男友了,我不可以!也没资格太关心你。。。 你为不舒服,我知道, 可是就是不开口问你。。。 戏院里,瞥到你在写的信息,当下,更不想去做一个多事的人!你爱他,我不可以烦你!

*2008年9月27日,我压抑了好久不去打扰你,这个凌晨你却一个人在加班。。。 很想冲去看你! 我又做不到我很没有用。。。




你说过,你是一个很不甘寂寞的人,很容易在别人安慰后就发生感情的人。。我很多时候都想能在你身边当一个可以让你分享的人, 我却没有勇气,我是乌龟!

很想坦坦白白的告诉你一切,你却说过, 如果一个你不喜欢或没感觉的人跟你告白,从此以后你会躲开那个人。。。

我的没勇气,我的闪缩, 是因为我害怕连跟你做朋友的机会都失去。。。

如今,我尽了力去保护的秘密 ,原来你知道了而我到如今才知道, 很可悲吧?。。 而你也逃避我了,那我就没有什么好顾虑的。。。

是的! 我喜欢你很久很久了,我在意你的很多很多。。 那我做错了什么?

You're the apple of my eyes.
I shall treasure you as much as the king treasure his crown, without the crown, he shall be nothing but the fool, who thinks that he owned the world.

Im a fool, who think I can't be your lover, but atleast your friend...

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

罪过, 罪过


我的心,一秒里蹦了整整一千下!!! 1000!!!


罪过, 罪过,罪过, 罪过。。。菩萨原谅!!


罪过, 罪过

Saturday, 27 September 2008




很想到你公司看看你,陪陪你。。。 我做不到。。 我很想哭!我很没用!想你安全,想你安心,想你快乐。。。 我却什么也帮不到你。。




你已经下线了, 可是你是回家了吗?还是不想被打扰?



Tuesday, 23 September 2008



考试完了,人闲了, 世界就不会那么平静了。。。


排山倒海来着。。。真是要多拜神,所谓,拜得神多,得神保佑! 抱个佛脚也是不错的选择。。。

话说,我看了新加坡电影, 《钱不够用2》, 看得我梨花带泪,哭得稀里哗啦,衣襟都湿了。。 当下真得很想给妈妈一个拥抱,说一下肉麻的话~哈哈。。 很好啦,给我的良心发现一下, 就真得那么一下!

话又说,上星期回鬼屋的一日游, 本来是好好的, 老头的一句话! 杀伤力很强, 把我干妈一家十八年来的一手拉拔我长大的功劳, 像是从来没发生过一般!第二次了,很想当场给他杀死!TMD! 告诉你! 死老头, 没有你我不会死!没有帮你照顾了你孙子十九年的那一家,我才死!给了你两次机会,没有第三!等着当面出丑吧!我跟你没有亲!

最奇怪就是妈的句话,让我百思不解,外加纳闷, 更是无奈~

然后,最好的那对情侣朋友,再耍大花枪~ 也真得搞到我有点不知所措。。 。 左右为难! 偏偏总是是那个在中间的~ 可怜到! 吵吵闹闹的, 事情好像也开始平静了~我也快要收工了!!

明天要去快活了~希望如此! 哈哈

还是想对你说, 我爱你。。 请你快乐!我不打转了,下一个幸福的机会预留给你的几率应该会很渺茫吧?

虽然懂你最竟发生了不太开心的事,我尽量不去理会了。。毕竟不是我的资格,有些事还是那个他做会比较好。。。 所以你要加油!


Friday, 19 September 2008





TMD!! 快去睡啦!!

Monday, 8 September 2008



几年来,长大的长大,成熟的成熟, 只有友情不会变质会像酒一样,越久越香醇。 是一句屁话!


是我笨,没有发现我们不一样了。一通电话,转转折折的把我推来推去, 但是很谢谢最后那个有勇气的! 你让我看清,我的地位,在你们心中的价值。




原本一个我会见到好朋友的生日庆祝,会因为我的不在而变得快乐些。 以前你们所说的,我很能给你们开心,让你们大笑,原来是客套。谢谢你们的用心。





Sunday, 7 September 2008

Blog X 你

林珍珍你好衰~ 我的第一次就这样了。

那件事我从来没有做过的,人家不想的!为什么你要逼我?为什么?为什么你要这样这样糟塌我?tell me why?


p/s :咒人真的不好,时运低还真的被反射。。。 还是有点热热~害羞


几多颜色~ :)

第二天了,你当真没有看见我的missed call? 虽然只是想和你聊个天, 听听你的近况,跟你废话一两句。。 好像很难。 如果有急事找你救命,我死很久了 T.T

可能 你在避开我~ 为了什么?
可能 你发现了我~ 那么容易咩?
可能 你很忙~ 很有可能,也是很好的借口~
可能 我不值得~ 是吗?
可能 你的电话没钱~ 不要狡辩好吗?

昨天跟另一个弃妇去逍遥, 哈哈~ 林珍珍~你是弃妇~X 死你

妈的! 眼睛一直在寻找你得踪迹,很累人~可是又情不自禁~ 犯贱到死!

所以今天要顺便blog X 你!




风开始在吹 孤独好直接


风雪多残酷 我想我挺得住

守护你是最大 的幸福
(我义无反顾 从日落到日出 oh)



Friday, 29 August 2008


其实题目与这篇东西真的没有什么关联的。。。 纯粹发泄不爽+无名的不满

日子平平淡淡,有时有些调味了是必然的。。。 可是太呛的就未免太过位了。。。

太久没有用母语,用来用取得标点都是那三个豆 〉〉〉 。。。 显掉!


Monday, 18 August 2008

Wall E : Ory H

Just back from Wall E with u , and also ur so called god sister.. haha.. it has been a while I hang out with u le.. seriously I long missed ur lovely face..

this afternoon while I was planning what time to go my aunt's house to meet up my mum, haha. well, I plan while having msn... suddenly u called up, a great surprise that u actually gave me.. Thanks..

J: hey, do u miss ur mummy?
H: huh?
J: come, I bring u see mummy..
H: hahahaha..

U actually remembered what u promised, altho I keep on remind u of that.. haha.. I beh su one.. hahaha..
I called up my mum and lie to her that I got something to do with my collegemate about academic stuff (Mum, Im so sorry..) and cannot make to meet her up, but mum seems like doesn't really care.. hahaha

The I get myself ready, wear my leng zai shirt, with the leng zai condition and a happy heart go see u lo.. hahaha... I was there slightly earliyer than u are.. haha, I decided to buy ticket lo.. mana tau Mummy full house la, nvm lo... Wall E oso not bad ma! (p/s :I meet up Eric ad, but I think he probably doesn't reco me la...) so we watched Wall E lo..

Wall E overall was a nice one, I love the plot n everything, it was so cute.. for a second I wish I was Wall-E, u were Eva.. hahaha... daydream la.. at a few times, I glance tru ur sms... I admit I'm bad.. haha.. I saw that u wrote to ur bf.. it ache my heart, so I turned another way round and not to see u.. a way to console myself.. I think....

After Wall E , we go makan at Kim Gary (urgh... I dun like that place la...) I ordered a toast that actually 2 inches thick... uelk...geli.. but thanks to ur god sister that measure for me.. hahaha.. after the food, u both go down to prangin without me.. I dun wanna follow as well la, dun wan to see u that often, will only make myself more saddening.. haiz..

Then on that way back , I think of asking Ah Xiang to join me n Elisa for Loong Gai, too bad he nvr answer.. so I go out with Elisa lo, we go QB mall.. hahaha, I talked lots bout u to her ad.. I think she bored until wanna vomit ad gua, everytime oso hear ur name only.. haha...

Today when go out with u, u seems like not so feeling well.. I noticed it, but I dun wanna show my concern coz I got to force myself make it clear.. U must take care urself... I m so sorry that today I actually talk little, coz I dunno why, I just wanna hinder away... yet, I felt heavy... you please take care yourself... my apple of my eyes... I really treasure u more than anything..


Ory H

Friday, 8 August 2008

Roti Bun

Hey, today I go to Adventist Hospital and visit one of my junior from SWC.. haha.. he is bloody injured by car accident.. seems like those stage people likes to bang car alots ya.. haha..

I bought lots of roti bun over there.. haha.. that's y I got a bun face... imagine, I spent RM11.50 on bread sahaja.. scary rite? haha.. then Cindy, Tor and Me was wondering where to eat up those breadS we bought.. haha.. we are cute people, we do cute things.. We went to MCD... ordered a little, then enjoy our bun there..

Duh~ I can hardly finish all my bun, so I was thinking to being home the roll ( dunno what what roll la, but I think is the most delicious one) then.. U flashed tru my mind.. haha.. after a few smses.. I was on the way to send u the roll.. haha..

recently seeing u more than ever.. tho situation is kinda of different for me, yeah~ is only about me..

seeing u happy, I'm even more happy..
imagining u happily eating the roll.. I felt even more contented...

Thursday, 7 August 2008






开口前,你告诉了我,你很快乐, 你要珍惜那个他。。。所有的话, 伴随着我的午餐一并而下的消化了。

车里头,我捉紧你的手。 为了是不要让你拿到那封信,因为下来的日子会朋友难做。 心里多么挣扎?


我不愿意,因为我的感情,让你难做,让他伤心,让我难堪。。。 是我太自私吗?






今天的lunch以后,我还是什么都没说,没勇气。我更不知道几时才会见到你,几时我才再有勇气面对你,love you,一个粉红衬衫,牛仔裤,爸爸的鞋,四方耳环,喜欢项链的你。

my Love my Life

Wednesday, 6 August 2008



他是你的part time, 我是什么?


心情乱糟糟。。。 鼓起的勇气,明天的午餐, 我该如何是好?

Saturday, 5 July 2008

4th July Thanks for The Day

After missing u so much all over these days, finally today I manage to met u up and hang out with u ~ Im so bloody happy~ haha

I was late for the movie made u n Elisa wait for me as u both hang out when Im still in coll.. haha Hancock~ not bad but I might be too tired n hard to concerntrate.. Thanks for offering the hot dog... Im happy...

After movie we loiter around.. Phenomenal for poka dot shirt~ seems a very very nice one, but quite expensive hor? haha.. bo lui la

then we walk blankly in the mall but actually is seeking for my OO nite Shirt.. then I was hungry then we went to eat chinken rice shop and Im complaining that Im starving ~ haha

chicken rice shop... have great time talking, taking photo respectively.. heartache for a few moments when I heard that u are going to Australia...

met a few cutie friends in the plaza, elieen the SWC, Tristain which i rejected hang out many many times, Im guilty... Chee Pei.. Sherlynn n Edward etc i think ~

then u went home to have dinner with family, then I went back to fetch Elisa sis, Er Po n have little relax moment in MCD Caltex~ Tiring DAy~

Love ya..

Friday, 4 July 2008

Doomsday + Friendship + Random

not a bad movie wo... I was shock n scared a little bit.. Im a chicken !!! but when it near the end I laugh my shit out, especially when the Cio Make Up Girl de Si Lang Tao kena shoot! haha.. over was a nice one .. maybe I too long nvr watch movie le...


wanted to have second movie with Jeremy de, but he nvr appear so nvm make it tmr..
will bowling and watch movie with them! hopefully I can make it

Movie still in hand : KungFu Panda, Happening, Wanted, Get Smart, Hancock.. etc..
Im broke!!

AH Xiang treating me like a pass by A .. haiz.. what else i can say?

Tmrw going out ...Yeah.. yi pee daa buuu~ haha

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Money for Happiness

hey hey... I just back from celebrating your birthday with u ... celebrate? hang out is kinda of suit more...

1st time you come n fetch me... so touching.. haha.. like you really are my partner n come to fetch me.. haha

then we head to Gurney.. then we are kind of lacking topics to chat.. hehe.. reach gurney.. we go hang around. then We go the spectacle promotion there to have a look.. the sales girl is kind of attracted to you.. haha .. if not she wont ignore me to serve you de.. but happily you seems taking my opinion quite seriously.. haha..

then we move to MCD to have drinks n chit chat.. haha.. you see the video we took last night during the making of sand cake.. haha... you seems touching...

then we moved on to the GIorDANO.. where I used 3o for a T-shirt in order to help you get discount.. stupid hor? but I like to see you happy.. hehe.. n Elisa reached there... you need no to rush back for dinner .. She need no to rush for fetching uncle.. so good...

then we decided to watch "PROM NITE".. I m chicken I admit it!!! but I like the way we interact inside.. haha.. be frank I like the way you scared me.. haha.. I 犯贱..

After the movie we hang out at Celebrities Fitness.. we hang around.. for the club visit.. then I saw E-kit n friends... they was like looking at me.. n saying something behind.. maybe saying Im the beast n you are the good looking? who knows? I dun care la.. then we manage to get the free trail.. hahah... seeing you tmrw n we go celebrities fitness to work out.. shy la wei.. I so fat!!!

So happy that you stick to me like a kid...

June Seventh

Your birhtday.. A very very Happy Birthday to you..


Today I planed so nice to make something sepecial, yet not so special actually for you.. n I dragged 2 of my friends in this dark water.. hahah
you cannot spare time to celebrate your birthdaty with me, then I celebrate your birthday with
my friends... hahaha

I go the the beach, on 5 or 6 something and start building a sand kind of cake for you... so kind of me.. I did it under heavy rain with Elisa.. played with crabs n dead fish around.. like a mad kid...
Your tomb~

By the time I done the sand cake, the sky was still too bright for me to light up those candle.. n the rain was too heavy as well.. if I'm sick.. hopefully you can relate it .. haha
so we went to House of Steambot to have our dinner... then back to Crown Beach to have my second sand cake.. hahaha... things come out as what I wants.. haha .. slightly different is acceptable.. hahah

My curse on myself was right n shown up.. I got bruised my knee n hand... haiz.. haha.. well, I think it is worthing more than enough if that is for you.. but not to others....

and I never know that you are so near adround... aiks...

take a peep~

How good am I?~ Very good~

less than 12 hours later I will be seeing you.. haha... you will fetch me for the 1st time.. n we will go for a random outing... looking forward..

Hopefully you like your birthday's present that I scratch until my scalp bleed~ T.T

Friday, 30 May 2008


It's been a very busy yet well packed n nice to enjoy week... after beach party I n II... and also the Steambot party.. today I get to meet my idol , my favorite writer.. GIDDENS...
I was so late to be there, and while listen to his story, I didn't pay much attention and not so concerntrate...

and guess what?
met mR . Tan n also several TARC student.. hahaaha... so unexpected~

I wish to buy a few books which I dun have.. but the fact is Im broke... boleh tengok tak boleh sentuh~

Well Well Well~
signature time.. wahahhaa.. and ofcourse I took photo with him..
see how inspired is his signature?

I look really shit~

He said I look like a main character in a japanese movie or drama or animation.. name Chiwawa?? not really remember.. I really got my mind blank when he talk to me.. yipeeeda buuuuu

and ofcourse the buddy that accompany me go there is the precious horse~ Beh!! later on he fethced me to fetch his wifey Sue Ann and we three go supper, then he drop me n goes his bro house to do some affairs~ hahaah~

So again, I balik kampung makan with Elisa for my second supper~ Hory! You are Getting FAT!

It is a memorable n nice week ~

Saturday, 26 April 2008

What's Going On? Roller Coaster?

Yaya.. having roller coaster mood... this will be a simple yet random post.. as what I mention on the title...

Exam near le...
J and me another outing..hehe...
You forget to bring his handphone today... haha... You stated my name ( Mr. Hory) on your msn... I was so happy so happy so excited when I saw it..haha... At the afternoon, I was in Coffee Bean sitting alone there, tend to read something from the micro textbook, guess what? I only flipped a few pages, n I started to draw something on tissue, papers.. haiz.. useless fellar... after sitting there and finished my Extreme Mocha without cream.. my backside cant stand the chair any longer... so I find where the hell Fitness First is.. haha.. after a few twist and turn in the mall.. haha I cant find it.. so ask ppl lo.. haha.. n I found.. haha I saw u there.. but u haven't done ur gym, I WILL WAIT FOR U .. haha... the I ma loiter around to kill that little time, I comes back to FF for 3 times, haha like a small kid waiting for mummy... XD

Tonite at Faces, I nvr knew that the guy is ur ex... You seems having lotz fun chatting with those people around there... I admire you because of that... I LIKE THAT WAT, YOU ARE ALWAYS SO CHEERFUL AND LIKE A SUNSHINE TO ME...

About Zhu,
Yesterday was her birthday (4/25)
Me and Elisa bought her a small tiny mango cake ( I forgotten the real name, but it look delicious) and went to her coll to fetch her and I had bought her something Bodyshop which cost me some blood to flow out, haha, what to do? She did buy me something from there as well ma... then we go to Papa Pizza.. coz at 1st I was thinking not to go at night as I got a date with J, haha... agian! Heavy you , Light friends...

But later of the nite, J says dun mind joining in for Zhu B'day.. gaga
I bought another birthday cake from Ritz for her, with J... I still remember the way you jumped to touch the pillar, you really look like a angel, no doubt you are the angel! and we have the dinner at Faces... the faces.....

I'm officially broke..I nvr have extra money ever since my birthday... haiz..

Tonite 26, I had KFC for dinner or supper... when I go home, I heard form aunty that the family now is having financial problems, haiz... I'm so blank.. I dunno what should I do? I dun even know what can I do... useless...

Love n Bread..? which one? can I have both?

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Fitness Causes Trouble

A new fresh happening.. I feel bad about it..

I woke up in the nice cooling morning.. being woke up by noise of guests in my house.. celaka, y u guys so loud when going to ppl house?

Elisa called me up, going to ask somethign.. but before she ask.. there are a call from FF..haha.. Final Fantasy? duh~ Fitness First.. they were prospecting and have a sales call on me, well.. it is just another fitness center trying to have more business... like what the CF did to me..

well well well.. those are not important things... the most important one was, U WERE NOT HAPPY after I tell you that FF hurts me by saying me overweight in a joking way.. I dunno u will be so angry about FF.. I dunno how to console u.. I upset that why I need to tell you n mess ur mood?

I know u care bout how ur friends feel, but it really doesn't matter.. we understand the business tactic.. is ok de.. dun blame urself too much..

Im stupid n Im sorry..

Monday, 21 April 2008


Haiya.. I ajak you to go PC fair, it was a threat of me to see u more often but too bad u dun wan to what am I going to do leh?

19 April morning, was wake by ur called in the morning, u laughed over the phone that say I'm a pig.. sleep till so late.. but what to do? I'm so happy when you say that I'm a pig.. ish ish .. I so jin gak~ u ask me to go for a movie with u, no doubt u got my date instantly.. We are going to watch Forbidden Kingdom..

I wanna book the ticket online but tak dapat... nvm nvm.. as long as you asked me out.. haha more than enough for every bad things to turn marvelous...haha

But in the afternoon I still fetch my best friend of my life, Zhu( Piggie) to go PC fair as piggy is so rich and wanna dump some money to get a laptop so what to do leh? ma accompany her to go lo.... at PC Fair there, lots ppl misunderstood that me n piggie are couple (nah!! my heart are all you you you and only you)... Me n piggie was like a shamelss couple in PC Fair la.. Perasan sangat, we hold hands, hugging.. hahaha..
I was late to meet you at QB, I wanna ask Piggy to join us for movie de and I got the intention de bring her along but she refuse to join us ( more or less she know what am I thinking, she was so wonderful) and she insist to go on shopping alone in QB... I really dunno that we will be spending so long times together n I ignored piggy.. omg!!!

4.45pm de movie, 5pm only I arrived at QB, what the heck?? I was so ashame n deeply sorry for keeping you waiting for me, the useless... but infact, I m so dizzy when I first saw u, and u smiled to me.. so damn Angelic.. haha... I already over high..

After the movie, I dropped the ticket.. OMFG.. It made me having uncomplete collection of movie that I watched with u..
. sad sad sad.. I collect them all.. n just just because of it, semua dah tak sempurna lagi.. I bowed down n tried to get the ticket back, n unfotunately it drops so deeply underneath the chair, n I realise that I look like a retarted, a nut when I tried to get the ticket.. Im always nut.. peanut.. u looked at me confusely, so I gived up the ticket.. so paiseh la man.. :(

After the movie...
You and me were so hungry and try to grab somethign to eat, n after a few turning in the mall, we decided to go in to Fish Market for dinner... haha..half way of our dinner, there was a uninvited guest - Cockroach, that is the time I found that we are share the similarity that is WE BOTH PHOBIA BOUT COCKROACH!! .. and upon settlign our bill we do some cute complain and we manage to get 10% discount... which mean we need no to pay for government n service taxes.. haha

here are the artistic stuff we done after meal:

Haiz.. How cute we are....

after the meal, we walked around and starts commenting the model search in QB ( we shared a same cup of properity water form MCD ) , at there I saw a few ex-schoolmates was participating haha.. hopefully they won something..and i met Joshy... he say u good looking wo.. haha I oso met Cheow Yan which is my 1st crush in my life.. haha..

I do keep on smsing with Piggie... I m damn guilty

8.45pm.. raining out there and u rushed to ur friends house to helped on some sketching things.. I rush to find Piggy when she saw me, her tears drops.. She say she not blaming me, but she felt very kelian.. omg omg omg, what have I done? I console her at Sushi King, pass by looking at me like Im the bully la.. but in face I bullied her jor..

then later, I go eat with piggy and luckily piggy has forgive me.. love her lots la

19 of April
I'm so happy and guilty..

just because

Heavy u, light friend..

Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Forbidden

haha.. You are the forbidden one.. later you date me out for movie this time will be watching the "Forbidden City" in chinese which is the King Of Kung Fu.. hasha..

This week I been having a roller coaster mood, well.. can I blame on fully on that?
A second I am happy because we were communicating, smsing.. blah blah blah...
A second later Im worried..
A second later Im sad...
A second later Im angry..
A second later Im happy..
A second later Im cheerful..
A second later Im crying...
A second later I realise that you are really important for me...

well.. now Im damn happy.. as later we will going for movie again..
see you later..

Sunday, 13 April 2008


my blog temporary is updating post that I created in the past but havent post up.. going to finish it n post up.. n it is quite messy at this moment.. please be patient..

haha.. wondering who will read this?

p/s no comment on this post pls..


Well well well.. yesterday was a good day, nice day for me.. We are going for movie in less than 24 hours again, after the 3 kingdoms.. this time was the long time waited movie of urs " Ah Long" which I watched it, I think month ago.. I got no complain bout it, the feeling of watching it again is better than the 1st time.. Maybe u are beside me, who knows? haha

I was in my house- Gurney at 2.45 and u arrived at 3.45.. I think... having a sweet waiting time.. well, incase of too bored waiting.. I always sitting at my so called wife kiosk talking non-sense with her.. haha.. but while waiting u, I suddenly get very nervous and got the feeling like falling into a black hole. I can hardly smile, tho my wife keep on cheering me.. I got the feeling like Im being abandon in the same mall again.. it was really a hard time n it shadowed me for a long long time... but thanks for whatever, u actually appear...

I swear, at that moment.. I feel like wanna jump upside down, dashing to u.. (self-control conquered me) lucky

You said you are hungry, and wanna have lunch... but I already starv until no feeling ad.. inside all air, so I m contented with air, and not hungry jor.. hahaha... but nvm, you are always the main character, so after a long long dicussion of eating what, we gone to Zing Do..

In Zing Do..
You said you wanna order 2 things but u cant finish all, so I ask u to order what u want, and I share with u lo.. haha.. the reason is, 1st I dunno what to eat, coz it is my 1st time there .. 2nd, can let u eat my saliva =.= haha
3rd, U really seems hungy n I filled up with air n lost my appetide.. Ends up, we ordered Bimbimbap chicken ( izzit spell that way? who cares? ) and a korean fried tang hun ( not bad wo!) 1 green tea, 1 iced lemon tea.. I paid the bill, as Im the one who go n order at the counter, which need to pay before being serve... You gave me the belated birthday present before the food were on the table, haha..It was a Laconic Necklace.. haha, Im loving it so much, it is so nice, neverless it is from you..

you have ur whole bimbimbap chicken and the half fried tang hun.. I have only half of the tang hun.. T.T

before we go for the Ah Long... you bought waffle.. 2 waffle.. tuna and peanut butter ( or kaya ? I not really remember) then 1 bottle of mineral water.. who said you cannot eat much? who said after you ate lots then will puke? you eat more than I can imagine... haha..

In the cinema..
sitting watching the movie like normal la.. but got 1 happening on my own that I shall remember.. my jeans was stuck with the chair.. It was too loose until it fall off till my lap.. I grumble " fuck".. I was so scared that my jean will just drop off.. haha.. u seems like glued on the movie.. luckily... and so lucky that I won the fight between the jeans n the chair... sigh.. well, I peep u more than 5 times in the cinema... n you had finished the waffles.. omg.. the movie is hilarious, and it is more enjoyable than the 1st time I watched it..

after Ah Long..
we loiter around in the Gurney.. chit chat abit.. yaya.. look for sunglasses.. as mine was broken, n it is extremely important for me while driving.. nothing suits me, nor at Queensbay or Gurney... we go around those outfit outlets...

At Soda
I know u liked the white cargo, but I cant afford it yet.. hahaha.. can't help much

At Phenomenal..
you are trying outfit in the fitting room, a singlet, a long sleeves, a pair of white long pants ( I dunno it is a cargo or jean or what?).. I noticed that u like white long pants alots.. while u are trying those outfits.. I was in another fitting room trying to peep wear the necklace that you gave it to me.. poor me... no skills and I cant find a way to wear it.. u noticed it.. but we act like nothing.. I "am dui"...

then you go Versace talk with ur friend.. haha.. I m bored inside there.. those prices are far beyond my ability.. haha.. then I sneak out to the wishing well (the real name is money sucker well) haha.. I dropped my last syilling which is a 5cent, my wish cheap hor? haha seeing it roll n roll before dropped into the big hole..
the wish was repeated, it is the same with my second wish on my birthday..

After you finished talking with ur friend, I said I wanna go toilet and nonsense wear the necklace, you say you wanna see it as well, and you volunteer to wear it for me.. hahaha.. my heart was flying all around the world for 100times in a second.. haha.. it was the BEST OF THE BEST MOMENT of my life, when u actually tied up the necklace around my neck in the public, not so public.. hang fuk nia man.. SS..

well, your friend was here and ready to take u to buffet.. I know and you know what is in his mind la.. haha.. but since u promised him that you will go.. haha.. I should not stop you, and I got no rights to stop you.. I remember :

You: Wanna join the buffet or not?
Hory: Dun wan la, later become spot light ( actually I wanted to go but no money and so paiseh) then he beh syoik and kill me with knife..
You: Wont de la..
Hory : How if he thinks that we are couple?

OMFG.. this should be quoted in the rest of my life.. hahaha..

The eventho I dint follow you to the buffet.. but I sent you out till the friend car.. waving a goodbye to you, then seeing you go in the car.. and go.. I wanna shout out loud " JUST STAY HERE!!!" but I dint.. well, a moment that from heaven falling to the hell, 19 floor below.. I really dun like or even hate it everytime you talk bout him, good or bad I oso dun like, I really hate seeing you going into his car.. even worst when Im the one who sent u to his car.. fuck my self gao gao

Movie n Makan in my account.. haha.. money leakage are more serious jor.. nvm la.. it is worth more than worth..

after sent u off, I back to wife kioks n talk with her till she finished the work at 10 and fetch her home lo.. I talked bout you alot infront of her.. I know she dun like it, but I got no others to tell.. sorry la my wife..

After we reach her home.. I really feel like Im just a stranger to anyone in this world.. I talked until I sob in the car.. she got shocked abit la, but she reacted quite fast.. I felt like Im a stranger to everyone, my family, friends or even you.. with or without me, the world of you guys still having on the same track, I felt very bad that actually my appearace counldn't make a different, not even a small one.. I really feel bad... I just need someone shoulder which I can feel that Im important at once..

You called twice while Im sobbing.. you will not know de.. haha, coz I act so well.. haha.. you wanted me to join (or can said as safe) you to clubs but Im broke ever since my birthday.. n I dun like clubbing.. I cant make it.. Im sorry.. I feel even worst when I know that you are going to club... I went home.. reach home at the hour of 11 something..

Tired n hungry.. Eat only half of the tang hun in the whole day... no breakfast no lunch no dinner, just half plate of tang hun.. so I cooked a packet of "HarMee", my recent favourite.. haha.. then back to my bed, after a while of online..

Im glad that you actually called back when you see my missed call...
Im happy that you gave me a present...
Im happy that you have become more real in my life...
Im happy that you volunteer to wear the necklace for me, I think I will nvr take it down...
Im treasuring you as much as the king treasuring the crown, without the crown, the king is nothing...

Yesterday, 12 April 2008.. A memorable day in my life.. yet it is quite a sad day for me for thinking back those very bad things and sob infornt of wife..

I Think this mixture of mood proove that Im having Dissociative Idendity Disoders

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Happy Expectation

will going for another movie later.. Ah Long Pte Ltd another time!!! I got no grumble or tak syoik watching it again, but in fact I am more happy and have more excitement!! I just cant wait to go for the movie.. haha

Just saw you yesterday night, later I am going to see you again! haha... Part of my huge fantasy come true... tho is a small piece of it, I m glad that it actually come real.. I dun expect more to happen coz I know the level...but yet, let me enjoy this moment to the max..

Sign off with smiles..
I love April, and you are the apple in my eyes


I Love April

I just back from the movie - 3 kingdoms.. haha.. I am so happy...

We are friends now, no longer stranger.... Im hoping for more but I know it merely can be realistic...

Talked alots in car.. ur relationship, ur exes, u perspective and others.. I wish not to drop u home so early


Keep on telling myself cannot show it obvious..

I have a really meaningful evening..

Thanks for everything..
.cant wait for tmrw movie again with you..

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Report on 4/8

I know I know.. I still cant get over it.. Im still in birthday mood...

Seoul Garden at 7/4
with my class buddies : Beh Chuin Hong.. Estella Phing... Sherene Ang...
Thanks for treating me that so called expensive birthday meal wo.. haha..

8/4.. My Birthday!! My Birthday!! haha..
I knew Etta wanna do something for me.. I just diam diam n wait for the so called surprise that she wanna gave to me.. haha.. i already ready for what is coming.. haha..

Espected, she bought a banana cake for me, and NEARLY everyone in class sing da Birthday song for me..haha..the cake was sliced in to many pieces n distributed jor... haha... thanks Etta... I really aprreciate it~ :)

In the same day, Me n Sherene n Hoay Phing skipped class, and we heading to Queens Bay Mall.. hahaha.. Birthday got all the exception la K? even not in birthday, I oso got myself exception de lo haha... We have our lunch at Sakea Sushi.. haha.. I spend money like a rich ass.. haiz haiz.. who ask me to have a Birthday?

At Night... haha... wanna go Sushi King as they got the members promotion haha.. Rm 2 for every plate on the belt wo.. of course I wanna go la.. haha.. so here we go with Elisa n Ven Xiang.. but but but the Sushi was so crowded with all those cheap chaser.. included us.. until We cant wait any longer n proceeded to the BBQ chicken to have my last meal on my birthday.. hahaha.. I love my 19 Birthday the most.. haha

9/4.. birthday over le.. but Im so in Birtday mood.. haha.. cannot a? Due to yesterday we couldn't make it for Sushi King Cheap Sales... We go for second time.. haha who ask that we are Penang ppl, who like cheap cheap de food leh? hahaha.. I got it, Sushi King.. hahahaha

Im so dump happy

I m very dump dump happy.. just 10 minutes before.. we talked on phone more than 2 hours.. hahaha.. just because of that, Im so dump happy.. hahaha

just like that

habislah report saya

Terimah Kasi

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Happy Birthday


Monday, 7 April 2008

1 minutes

60 seconds later, Im officially 19..

Im counting down it in this blog...


2 minutes

2 minutes later, is my birthday..

Who am I for this long 18 years?
now Im going to be 19? what am I going to be?
without me, any difference in this world?
without me? then who are u?

lots of question mark appears 2 minutes before my birthday...

1/2 hour

Half an hour later will be my 19 years old birthday... ImOLD still young... haha.. yet before the clock strike on 12.. Im still 18.. 18 POK POK CHUI

Preparing for my last 18 wishes and prayer.. Hopelly ALL will turn out in real life ...

I should live my life to the MAX at the age of 19.. it is the last year of my teenage life.. haha..

still 18 .. still 18.. still 18... still 18.. Im still POK POK CHUI.. pok pok chui~

Sunday, 6 April 2008

When U and You

Thanks for appearing in my life..
Thanks for attending my birthday..
Thanks for everything...especially you walked to buy me the stone hard ice-cream cake..
There is a moment which I feel like wanna hug u tight and tell you, you need no to do so, you habitated in my heart long ago...

You are not my lover...
Im still a stranger...

Thanks you for making U and you meeting a circle success..

Treasuring u as much as the king treasure his crown..

G-Hotel+Jade Palace+Momo = Hory's Birthday

Yup Yup Yup.. Hory just celebrated his birthday like a rich baby pros kid.. all my 18 years appearing on this world, this could be the best birthday I could ever have.. I had thrown half a thousand just for having a great time with all my close buddies.. well, I just love how it works out, and I felt that I did not waste the money.. haha.. Presents are best of the best as well...

Yep.. this is the all time favourite hotel of Hory.. at 1st I was intended to book a Deluxe room, which is 2.6 hundred over.. but I forgotten that my birthday is always near the Cheng Beng one, haha so after I hiong jor, my decendent can celebrate 2 in 1 for me.. so the Deluxe room was fully booked.. T.T but Im rich!! I decided to go for Executive Club Room which is 330.00 per night... it is almost a hundred different!! at 1st I was like wanna cancel it off and saja go makan punya.. but then the desire of staying in G-hotel is ways too strong for me to bare with.. money is nothing hahaha... The room was a nice one.. with 1 fridge, 1 room , 1 living room, 1 toilet which is pretty nice for me... I just fall in love with the sofa.. omg.. can I take it home?

This superb nice hotel has gave me so much freebies which attracted me like a aunty attracted to the jewelry
I love the evening cocktails which is for free, as a alcohol lover... Im so in love with it..
I oso got a lovely late check out at 2pm..
n much much much more.. pls.. anyone wanna have a nice n worth hotel stay, I ensure u, G-hotel will be the best!!!!

I will be back G-hotel
the bath tub.. I wish to stay inside forever!!!!

The messy room...
the room was messed up even tho that I act as the room cleaner once, and I gave up!!

I wont paste up the swimming pool pic, coz it is 18sX haha.. I love the swimming pool the most, and the jakuzii as well!!

Which is the place I have my birthday dinner, grand leh~ haha one of the most happening restaurant in Penang ( I what oso happening de) I have a good time having dinner over there with 11 buddies... haha.. at this place I have my most happy dinner in my life, I got the most present gifts in my life, I got my most touching moment in my life.. and this is the place I wished my 3 birthday wishes~

Hory which is the hero
Sherlynn, my temporary wife of the day
Elisa, my body guard
Etta, the most enjoy herself one.. SS sangat
Beh, he recommend me this Jade palace dunno he got commision or not ?
Xiang, my all time favourite buddy
Jeremy, Senior.. which walked to buy me the super duper touching cake
Ong Lai, haha.. I just love seeing her with Dai Lou.. miss one out oso cannot..
Dai Lou, hehe.. I always wanna see her mia.. coz she pretty.. haha.. pay me o?
Zhu, my very very very good sister.. I can die for her de..
Ah O, I long time no see her liao..

Eddie, grounded by mom
Estella, go back hometown dun wan me jor
Weeyee, no stella no her then no me oso
Sherene, no stella no her then no me oso
Edward, Sherlynn bf, gone for hardwork
much more that I missed out to invite... unsufficient credit ma.. when I rich I invite all lo..

have a look on my lovely cake..

3 Different View of my cakey~ hahaha

After waving goodbyes to friends that are just coming over for the dinner, and some fitch & fetch.. We in group of 5 ppl hit to MOMO for some slutty act of my birthday.. haha.. was a nice one... Thanks Beh for the beer that is damning not worth, yet it makes me a fly high happy...
what else can I elaborate in MOMO?
dance like a ass lover?
yup.. there is a memorable 2 times cheeks 1 time hand.. haha

I met DANDOR outside of MOMO , I remember I did invite u over, but u said u are having exam, but I saw u there.. haha..
there are also a fella name DEAN who is late for meeting me in MOMO by minutes ( I wait no one...) and went home too early before I called him up to come over G-HOTEL
p/s : no pic while MOMO ing..
Behind : --> Ong Lai, Ah O, Beh, Etta, Jeremy, Xiang
Font: -->Dai Lou, Zhu, Hory, Sherlynn, Elisa

I would like to sent my deepest thanks to all who gave me birthday wishes, I treasure it alots! and to all my friends that around me, thanks for making me who I'm on this moment, somehow each and everyone of you means something to me, the important something... I LOVE YOU ALL