Monday, 18 August 2008

Wall E : Ory H

Just back from Wall E with u , and also ur so called god sister.. haha.. it has been a while I hang out with u le.. seriously I long missed ur lovely face..

this afternoon while I was planning what time to go my aunt's house to meet up my mum, haha. well, I plan while having msn... suddenly u called up, a great surprise that u actually gave me.. Thanks..

J: hey, do u miss ur mummy?
H: huh?
J: come, I bring u see mummy..
H: hahahaha..

U actually remembered what u promised, altho I keep on remind u of that.. haha.. I beh su one.. hahaha..
I called up my mum and lie to her that I got something to do with my collegemate about academic stuff (Mum, Im so sorry..) and cannot make to meet her up, but mum seems like doesn't really care.. hahaha

The I get myself ready, wear my leng zai shirt, with the leng zai condition and a happy heart go see u lo.. hahaha... I was there slightly earliyer than u are.. haha, I decided to buy ticket lo.. mana tau Mummy full house la, nvm lo... Wall E oso not bad ma! (p/s :I meet up Eric ad, but I think he probably doesn't reco me la...) so we watched Wall E lo..

Wall E overall was a nice one, I love the plot n everything, it was so cute.. for a second I wish I was Wall-E, u were Eva.. hahaha... daydream la.. at a few times, I glance tru ur sms... I admit I'm bad.. haha.. I saw that u wrote to ur bf.. it ache my heart, so I turned another way round and not to see u.. a way to console myself.. I think....

After Wall E , we go makan at Kim Gary (urgh... I dun like that place la...) I ordered a toast that actually 2 inches thick... uelk...geli.. but thanks to ur god sister that measure for me.. hahaha.. after the food, u both go down to prangin without me.. I dun wanna follow as well la, dun wan to see u that often, will only make myself more saddening.. haiz..

Then on that way back , I think of asking Ah Xiang to join me n Elisa for Loong Gai, too bad he nvr answer.. so I go out with Elisa lo, we go QB mall.. hahaha, I talked lots bout u to her ad.. I think she bored until wanna vomit ad gua, everytime oso hear ur name only.. haha...

Today when go out with u, u seems like not so feeling well.. I noticed it, but I dun wanna show my concern coz I got to force myself make it clear.. U must take care urself... I m so sorry that today I actually talk little, coz I dunno why, I just wanna hinder away... yet, I felt heavy... you please take care yourself... my apple of my eyes... I really treasure u more than anything..


Ory H

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