Friday, 8 August 2008

Roti Bun

Hey, today I go to Adventist Hospital and visit one of my junior from SWC.. haha.. he is bloody injured by car accident.. seems like those stage people likes to bang car alots ya.. haha..

I bought lots of roti bun over there.. haha.. that's y I got a bun face... imagine, I spent RM11.50 on bread sahaja.. scary rite? haha.. then Cindy, Tor and Me was wondering where to eat up those breadS we bought.. haha.. we are cute people, we do cute things.. We went to MCD... ordered a little, then enjoy our bun there..

Duh~ I can hardly finish all my bun, so I was thinking to being home the roll ( dunno what what roll la, but I think is the most delicious one) then.. U flashed tru my mind.. haha.. after a few smses.. I was on the way to send u the roll.. haha..

recently seeing u more than ever.. tho situation is kinda of different for me, yeah~ is only about me..

seeing u happy, I'm even more happy..
imagining u happily eating the roll.. I felt even more contented...

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