Saturday, 1 May 2010


It is always easier to say I love you to someone else than your family.
It is always easier to say I love you when you don't meant it at all.

I have been trying to say I love you to this women that technically created me with a man. I at least try it once a year, but so far I have not succeeded once. I'm still striving it.

Knowing that I have difficulty deliver it verbally, I'm still showing my gratitude in action.
Well, it involves my currency all the time.

It is her birthday, I couldn't do much. Buying her a dinner at cozy place is what I can afford in current. I bet she is happy. =)

I have not much to offer, but sometimes I will throw my temper and my unique attitude which I endowed from her to my dearest mum. Right? She is my creator.

Not much to say but I love you, still in action or in some place that she could never read it.

P/s : my mum have the same problems as me XD