Monday, 28 January 2008

Anyone Who Had A Heart

Atomic Kitten Is Back with their new single - Anyone Who Had A Heart

Monday, 21 January 2008

HeartBreak X3

2 post in a day.. the productivity was a good one... lots of craps to pour over here.. and so sucks than my comp cant type in chinese... (y? i dunno y)... But I can sure that my mood is damn not fine..

I hate being treat like a stuff.. something that got no right to choose but being compare n choose.. but I cant help it even I dislike it, it happens so often .. twice in a month time.. be accurate- less than a month...

what to do? life are getting more n more downward sloping as I come to the end of the lunar calender of the Piggy.. should be getting better de ma... y so fuck up de? my mind is so mess up until ? I cant be clear what should I say... I cant function well... give a list to check up all the problems... or else no one would understand what im mumbling bout.. included me, myself...

1) Heartbreak over J* is worsening... I wonder why.. saffocating...
2)Feel so hopeless over having a nice relationship in 2008... like now.. no one is beside me.. those who understand me cannot understand me as well as before.. am I the one who closing up my mind n heart? I got a feeling like ppl around me keep on lying to me.. cheating over me..
3)I easily get jealous recently... might be cause by what I want I cant have... or not deserve to have
4)HJ is leaving M'sia to go after good life... me? haha.. not worth to be in the memory.. upset...
5)My comp.. one of my best companion.. has come to the twilight days... time to reborn..
6) I cant type chinese... y? ask my comp la.. I cant blog la..
7) Streamyx connection got problem? or my comp got problem? or IM THE PROBLEM?
8) Exam time.. heartbreak + comp down + dissapointment.. how to study?
9)A GREAT THANKS TO MISS NG WHO LIKE TO MESS UP WITH ME... SWC with or without me ? same nia...
10) IM SICK...

if I going to complain .. I can make up an infinity list of it.. lifes get me tired n worthlesss.....

heartbreak heartbreak heartbreak... )(*&*%^%#$%&^&*


Bad Things Does Happen Always

Weee~ apa mau cakap now? haha... now only I started to believe the phrase


highlight to see the phrase above

my resolution are stated down there... I wish it happen all the time when I was awake or asleep ( honestly, it is just almost...). But I think reality is still a reality.. dream so much for what? got money meh?

Y am I saying such things? haha.... let kick a start from the movies I had watched in cinema recently.. the duo...

CLOVERFIELD.. I was so expecting that Im going to get a good movie with my friends, before I bring myself in the cinema. I seriously cant describe my feeling with words after watching it... should be the worst movie I ever watch.. Want me to decribe the movie? SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE like the end of the world...until me n my friends get so dizzy watching it and need to rush home for rest... the movie just making us feel sick.. no plot , no story just shake...OH YA! nearly forget.. on the half way we enjoying the shaking, the classic one.. the films cought on fire and we need to be waited for 30 minutes to continue the shakey movie.. no refund, no apologize, no drinks while we are waiting... good? 1st hope falls

BY THE NAME OF THE KING... was a second movie i watch in the past week, just after the day I enjoyed the shakey movie... I have high hopes on it before I watched it, coz I always enjoy those movie which got some magics like NARNIA or LORD OF THE RING S.. fantasy fantasy.... I get BORED in the cinema, 2 hours of the movie seems like 2 century long... I keep on have the feeling of ' am I in here for 2 hours only meh? It seems like more than that ad wo' hahaha... my friends keep on watching his watch n handphone instead of the screen... we nearly split our saliva to the screen..when we see the action n those fantasy charecters... is like WOW.. copied from where where where... isn't it familiar like the what what what... Gallion fighting n Krugs are sucks inside out... 2nd hope falls

DO check my resolution below, did u see the 3rd resolution? hahaa... it is the 1st to fall me off.. fast n furious man~ merely get choaked because of relationshipS.. hahaha.. put a words that can describe myself the best 'BITCH'.. after the lesson on Christmas n New Year Eve ( thanks to W*) .. today I faced 2 at 1 time neh~ how geng... J* n H* thanks for teaching me 'time n tides wait for no man' , u missed it.. haha ur problem lo, cry oso 'no road use' ad lo... so what I can advice is.. dun ' tiao geh' means dun jual mahal, when ppl ask you to be their lover, dun think , dun 'tiao geh' and said let it flow naturally or let me know u better... I can assure u, u will be MIA ( missed in action) in the next moment... offer urself fast, dont think... sms them call them even u still got a few cents in ur hp... it is worth more than a few cents.. take it serious, contact the one in ur heart after reading this, ur wish will be granted.. hahahah my 3rd n 4th hope falls...

I think it must be the curse I put on myself causes this, no new relationship before I finish carried out my promise.. only myself know what is that curse... swt lo...

Wednesday, 9 January 2008




后记:全部问号没有一个问了。。 都死光光了。。 可是对你的感觉依然存在。。。 你还好吗?

Saturday, 5 January 2008














后记:本来说必须尽快的把它们都放上来。。 看来现在的我又可以慢慢来了。。。 太快与太慢间我总捉不着最平衡的点,所以我还是输。

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

well well well... I'm doing my review on 2007... What can I say is OMG ... it ended, fast or slow? haha, sometimes fast sometimes slow.. Should I do a pointless review or a smooth going one? ok .. I'll make it like this way, I wont talk bout my relationship.. coz all gone bad ..wakakak..
1st was thinking doing it a nice and smooth plus grumbling and grandmother storieSSsss blog of mine.. 2nd, I changed my mind~ wakaka..
What had done on 2007:-
1) I got my 1st salary ~ over thousand, means is the 1st time I work, in BBS
2)Anual Dinner at KL~ was a happy n fun one~despite and forgive that idiot ( big mouth )
3)I started my college life~ so ?
4)SPM result sucksSSssSS~
5)Got a new HP~ W810i
6)Relationship~ as a summery.. it really sucks inside out~ WTF to 2007's relationship
no more grandmother's point form~ it bored me
good things does happen in 2007... I got a memorable Christmas over Gurney with all the sprays, foams, funs and memories... thanks to all my classmates n those I know them.. or some that I dunno.. Whoever, A thanks to you~
Get a new life in 2008~ YOOooHoOoo~ RESOLUTION~
1) HANDSOME + SLIM+ NO MORE PIMPLY~ I m serious with every words
2)Get Rich
3)Got a good relationship.. atleast something memorable~
4)Luck in everything~I seriously need them.. just dunno where they had actually hide
5)Be Healthy always.. seems like health does not mean that much to me .. y m I putting such an important things at 5th resolution.. whack myself~
6)Turn to be more Clever... and Matured.. tho, Im clever.. must be more clever...perasan meh?

Thats all GUA~ haha.. i cant really remember all the things happen in 2007(not willing to remember much oso..) and I cant actually list out all my resolution.. it wil l show how greedy am I....
p/s.. i coloured my hair redish~ OOooooOO .. haha