Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

well well well... I'm doing my review on 2007... What can I say is OMG ... it ended, fast or slow? haha, sometimes fast sometimes slow.. Should I do a pointless review or a smooth going one? ok .. I'll make it like this way, I wont talk bout my relationship.. coz all gone bad ..wakakak..
1st was thinking doing it a nice and smooth plus grumbling and grandmother storieSSsss blog of mine.. 2nd, I changed my mind~ wakaka..
What had done on 2007:-
1) I got my 1st salary ~ over thousand, means is the 1st time I work, in BBS
2)Anual Dinner at KL~ was a happy n fun one~despite and forgive that idiot ( big mouth )
3)I started my college life~ so ?
4)SPM result sucksSSssSS~
5)Got a new HP~ W810i
6)Relationship~ as a summery.. it really sucks inside out~ WTF to 2007's relationship
no more grandmother's point form~ it bored me
good things does happen in 2007... I got a memorable Christmas over Gurney with all the sprays, foams, funs and memories... thanks to all my classmates n those I know them.. or some that I dunno.. Whoever, A thanks to you~
Get a new life in 2008~ YOOooHoOoo~ RESOLUTION~
1) HANDSOME + SLIM+ NO MORE PIMPLY~ I m serious with every words
2)Get Rich
3)Got a good relationship.. atleast something memorable~
4)Luck in everything~I seriously need them.. just dunno where they had actually hide
5)Be Healthy always.. seems like health does not mean that much to me .. y m I putting such an important things at 5th resolution.. whack myself~
6)Turn to be more Clever... and Matured.. tho, Im clever.. must be more clever...perasan meh?

Thats all GUA~ haha.. i cant really remember all the things happen in 2007(not willing to remember much oso..) and I cant actually list out all my resolution.. it wil l show how greedy am I....
p/s.. i coloured my hair redish~ OOooooOO .. haha

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