Saturday, 5 July 2008

4th July Thanks for The Day

After missing u so much all over these days, finally today I manage to met u up and hang out with u ~ Im so bloody happy~ haha

I was late for the movie made u n Elisa wait for me as u both hang out when Im still in coll.. haha Hancock~ not bad but I might be too tired n hard to concerntrate.. Thanks for offering the hot dog... Im happy...

After movie we loiter around.. Phenomenal for poka dot shirt~ seems a very very nice one, but quite expensive hor? haha.. bo lui la

then we walk blankly in the mall but actually is seeking for my OO nite Shirt.. then I was hungry then we went to eat chinken rice shop and Im complaining that Im starving ~ haha

chicken rice shop... have great time talking, taking photo respectively.. heartache for a few moments when I heard that u are going to Australia...

met a few cutie friends in the plaza, elieen the SWC, Tristain which i rejected hang out many many times, Im guilty... Chee Pei.. Sherlynn n Edward etc i think ~

then u went home to have dinner with family, then I went back to fetch Elisa sis, Er Po n have little relax moment in MCD Caltex~ Tiring DAy~

Love ya..

Friday, 4 July 2008

Doomsday + Friendship + Random

not a bad movie wo... I was shock n scared a little bit.. Im a chicken !!! but when it near the end I laugh my shit out, especially when the Cio Make Up Girl de Si Lang Tao kena shoot! haha.. over was a nice one .. maybe I too long nvr watch movie le...


wanted to have second movie with Jeremy de, but he nvr appear so nvm make it tmr..
will bowling and watch movie with them! hopefully I can make it

Movie still in hand : KungFu Panda, Happening, Wanted, Get Smart, Hancock.. etc..
Im broke!!

AH Xiang treating me like a pass by A .. haiz.. what else i can say?

Tmrw going out ...Yeah.. yi pee daa buuu~ haha