Sunday, 31 January 2010

I'm A Penang True Blood

Mali was here, 25- 29 January 2010.

Thanks to him that finally I get to explore the place that I have stayed for almost 21 years.
Well, have to talk a little bit about the Ray of Hope, which is so stupid to pay RM45 to taxi driver!

1st day-For so long time I never went into Siamese and Burmese Temple, but that's the 1st day of his visit because it is so sad that he left with 'Designer' after Gurney...

2nd day-Khoo Kongsi where is the first time I step in, but it change my idea about it... it was so different inside compared to my imagination... haha... then we walk to Majlis Kapitan Keling and it is also the first time I step in to a mosque, surprise!!~ and we walk to the Temple of Mercy Goddess then we again walk to Little India... I almost got my leg lost in the town... before I started to drive my car to Cheong Fatt Tze which they are only having two sessions in a day, and we missed the 1st session and 2nd session is still a few hours to go. Mali merajuk~ so we leave it and go to Peranakan Mansion so see those baba nyonya house and stuffs... So many first time happen in a day, and we go Gurney again... and I watched 3 movies in a day!!! Mali took so many of my 1st time T.T

3rd day-Dumped him cause I need to go class and change my hair, dye it RED!!!! then at night only I go Gurney fetch him to Pasar Malam again we have ice potong and rojak~~ rojak~~ then we head to Kek Lok Si to see the night view of Penang Island, but too bad it is closed by that time and the dark there is scarily frighten me... and we go to Esplanade to have a walk :)

4th day-Last day Mali should be in Penang 'Suppose'... we went Kek Lok Si again go up to the big bronze Goddess of Mercy then after Kek Lok Si, we went to my favorite laksa and cucur udang stall to eat... yumm yumm then we went Queensbay to watch Universal Soldier and have Kenny Roger before sending him off to air port... A few wrong turn caused we are just on time to the air port but too late to check in..Ish~ As then we met MISS DISASTER NIA~~ missed flight, back Tunes.. Tomorrow is another day in Penang...

5th day-Went Fort Cornwallis to walk around then go to have Curry Mee at TARC's area, which I almost caused him to eat the pig's blood.. haha... then went to Butterfly Farm.. *whisper* tu budak so sissy, macam fairy in the farm... hahaha then we head to Paradise Beach since Penang is so famous for Beach/Bitch, not to forget we went Gurney again XD... then we headed to Clan Jetty and walked all the jetty there... LONG LIVE MY LEG!!! and this time we headed to air port so early not to miss any planess...

P/S : Loves those 5th days photos~ haha
P/P/S : This is a fuckao messy journal which just for record, do not expect much

muacks. HIAO!
Imma Penang True Blood now on!!!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


It is called as World Wide Web for some reason but it is still damn weird that I have visitor from too far apart of the world and some countries that I can't even know where to seek them in the map... how awesome?

Hohoho... Don't get jealous, because I seriously don't see any benefit from it
but got spammed by lusty comments
-.-''' w-t-f?

Saturday, 16 January 2010





圈圈说 “ 我们都以为爱情的魔力可以让另一半为我们改变但往往改变的

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Rainbow On Head

Whee, exam over... my mind is so free and think of this quote when I'm bathing




and instantly, I fall sick.

Erm... well, I should have starting to do my shopping on Chinese New Year's new cloths , hunting for my shorts, jeans and my favorite shopping of all time

Another very mind troubling issue, what hair colour I should put on? It has been troubling me for awhile and caused me dragging my appointment to have my hair done since Jun 2009. Hmmmm, really so troublesome...

till then, wait for my coloured hair

I might ends up this way


Saturday, 9 January 2010


Was checking my post, and again was happily surprise I have lots of comments in a single post...
13, is a good number!

mind's pop up "ei! Since when I have so many comments?"


Again I have a porno blog's comments to brag about...
Hey, Jap... can you all stop komichii-ing in my blog?

Exam period still need me to clean up those mess, grrrrr.... Talking about exam, I noticed that every exam period I will have those escapade thinking, which leads me to lots lots lots of fantasy about going to travel! DAMN!

Exam period, you know I know. I turn very anxious, when I'm anxious, I turn very rough and ferocious, and when I'm rough and ferocious, I turn very brutal, and when I'm brutal, I turn very.....................KNFS! -Credit Vynn Lew for teaching me this-

I have relatively low mood this few days, which can be blame on my study habits. 积少成多,滴水成河,堆沙成塔 and I got frustrated looking at my text and those notes. I went online search for examples, I got information over loaded. DAMN! Search examples 20%, FB & MSN 80%

Now I started to jot down those essences of my subject into 5 bloody fark of papers, bring in for the open book exam. I have modafuka trouble with those font size and sengek writing on blank paper, no lines allow.. diu.. lines can help us cheat meh? despite font size, the serious problem is I do not have a clear mind about what should I put into the 5 pieces of bibble/ "ang gong hu"!

Basic of all, I'm so lazy and pro in whining about everything but no aksi-aksi hebat.
Cure laziness, Fark Exam.

I rather blog, than study.

Talking about January, so far so good. Probably still the 1st month of the year which I still in mood to see everything in a good way, even bad is good by now. till then I don't know...

People~ oh~ people... Can you stop using magnifier to look at your own problems, and non-stop complaining? Why can't you go check out solution or work on others stuff? but keep blah blah blah ain't going to help you to feel better. I don't mind listening once or twice or even trice, but once every night is too much... I wish to duck-tape your mouth, if this can be my new year resolution.

Exceptional are being give out based on my mood and never less I only love listen to those I consider myself close with. Others then that, please

Stop bomoh-ing me, exam is already troublesome...

finger crossed for lazy people,
exam pass like nobody business,
sigh, blog so much, read so little, jotted less then a line in 5 hours time.

Friday, 1 January 2010