Saturday, 9 January 2010


Was checking my post, and again was happily surprise I have lots of comments in a single post...
13, is a good number!

mind's pop up "ei! Since when I have so many comments?"


Again I have a porno blog's comments to brag about...
Hey, Jap... can you all stop komichii-ing in my blog?

Exam period still need me to clean up those mess, grrrrr.... Talking about exam, I noticed that every exam period I will have those escapade thinking, which leads me to lots lots lots of fantasy about going to travel! DAMN!

Exam period, you know I know. I turn very anxious, when I'm anxious, I turn very rough and ferocious, and when I'm rough and ferocious, I turn very brutal, and when I'm brutal, I turn very.....................KNFS! -Credit Vynn Lew for teaching me this-

I have relatively low mood this few days, which can be blame on my study habits. 积少成多,滴水成河,堆沙成塔 and I got frustrated looking at my text and those notes. I went online search for examples, I got information over loaded. DAMN! Search examples 20%, FB & MSN 80%

Now I started to jot down those essences of my subject into 5 bloody fark of papers, bring in for the open book exam. I have modafuka trouble with those font size and sengek writing on blank paper, no lines allow.. diu.. lines can help us cheat meh? despite font size, the serious problem is I do not have a clear mind about what should I put into the 5 pieces of bibble/ "ang gong hu"!

Basic of all, I'm so lazy and pro in whining about everything but no aksi-aksi hebat.
Cure laziness, Fark Exam.

I rather blog, than study.

Talking about January, so far so good. Probably still the 1st month of the year which I still in mood to see everything in a good way, even bad is good by now. till then I don't know...

People~ oh~ people... Can you stop using magnifier to look at your own problems, and non-stop complaining? Why can't you go check out solution or work on others stuff? but keep blah blah blah ain't going to help you to feel better. I don't mind listening once or twice or even trice, but once every night is too much... I wish to duck-tape your mouth, if this can be my new year resolution.

Exceptional are being give out based on my mood and never less I only love listen to those I consider myself close with. Others then that, please

Stop bomoh-ing me, exam is already troublesome...

finger crossed for lazy people,
exam pass like nobody business,
sigh, blog so much, read so little, jotted less then a line in 5 hours time.

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