Sunday, 21 November 2010





Hey, It's me! The one you trying to forget.


Sunday, 7 November 2010


From A-Z I can tell you as many as I can with all the vocab I wish to share.

Life right now is so different, we're very similar when we are younger but as life moving on, I think it is ok for us to grow on different branches as I know we are still in the same roots . For those moments we embracing each other to grow by fulfilling the life with colours to paint on face, I am lucky to have you with me all the way back then till now.

For all the lies I had lied, I only come clean to you, cause deep down I know honesty is what I had devoted to us. Those supportive times we holding each other's painful spot and kick out ass to move on, it is so grateful to have someone to know my soul and read my mind. It is always you, the one I can count on, the one I dare to dare my soul to. The one I seek advice and the one I try to hold on so damn fucking tight not to let you fall. To gross you out, I always wish to kiss ur tears on your cheeks. It gross me out too. LOL

Ain't you think social networking is like building sandcastle by the shore? The moment you had your beautiful castle, you have to watch it being wash away. Then you build another one, some same sands from the old one, some are newly washed up to the shore. Upon you finishing it, there comes a fat dude stomps over, you are cursing it so hard but you still have to build it up again. Life never freeze a moment till the day we are done with the sandcastle, even it has gone.

You are always the little diamond I will put it back on the tallest tower of my castle.