Friday, 4 July 2008

Doomsday + Friendship + Random

not a bad movie wo... I was shock n scared a little bit.. Im a chicken !!! but when it near the end I laugh my shit out, especially when the Cio Make Up Girl de Si Lang Tao kena shoot! haha.. over was a nice one .. maybe I too long nvr watch movie le...


wanted to have second movie with Jeremy de, but he nvr appear so nvm make it tmr..
will bowling and watch movie with them! hopefully I can make it

Movie still in hand : KungFu Panda, Happening, Wanted, Get Smart, Hancock.. etc..
Im broke!!

AH Xiang treating me like a pass by A .. haiz.. what else i can say?

Tmrw going out ...Yeah.. yi pee daa buuu~ haha

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