Saturday, 5 July 2008

4th July Thanks for The Day

After missing u so much all over these days, finally today I manage to met u up and hang out with u ~ Im so bloody happy~ haha

I was late for the movie made u n Elisa wait for me as u both hang out when Im still in coll.. haha Hancock~ not bad but I might be too tired n hard to concerntrate.. Thanks for offering the hot dog... Im happy...

After movie we loiter around.. Phenomenal for poka dot shirt~ seems a very very nice one, but quite expensive hor? haha.. bo lui la

then we walk blankly in the mall but actually is seeking for my OO nite Shirt.. then I was hungry then we went to eat chinken rice shop and Im complaining that Im starving ~ haha

chicken rice shop... have great time talking, taking photo respectively.. heartache for a few moments when I heard that u are going to Australia...

met a few cutie friends in the plaza, elieen the SWC, Tristain which i rejected hang out many many times, Im guilty... Chee Pei.. Sherlynn n Edward etc i think ~

then u went home to have dinner with family, then I went back to fetch Elisa sis, Er Po n have little relax moment in MCD Caltex~ Tiring DAy~

Love ya..

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