Thursday, 24 April 2008

Fitness Causes Trouble

A new fresh happening.. I feel bad about it..

I woke up in the nice cooling morning.. being woke up by noise of guests in my house.. celaka, y u guys so loud when going to ppl house?

Elisa called me up, going to ask somethign.. but before she ask.. there are a call from FF..haha.. Final Fantasy? duh~ Fitness First.. they were prospecting and have a sales call on me, well.. it is just another fitness center trying to have more business... like what the CF did to me..

well well well.. those are not important things... the most important one was, U WERE NOT HAPPY after I tell you that FF hurts me by saying me overweight in a joking way.. I dunno u will be so angry about FF.. I dunno how to console u.. I upset that why I need to tell you n mess ur mood?

I know u care bout how ur friends feel, but it really doesn't matter.. we understand the business tactic.. is ok de.. dun blame urself too much..

Im stupid n Im sorry..

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ayu'Marionette said...


葉を言うと、あなたの欲しい....彼に会う人〜 〜は満足されていないときに...苦い

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