Thursday, 10 April 2008

Report on 4/8

I know I know.. I still cant get over it.. Im still in birthday mood...

Seoul Garden at 7/4
with my class buddies : Beh Chuin Hong.. Estella Phing... Sherene Ang...
Thanks for treating me that so called expensive birthday meal wo.. haha..

8/4.. My Birthday!! My Birthday!! haha..
I knew Etta wanna do something for me.. I just diam diam n wait for the so called surprise that she wanna gave to me.. haha.. i already ready for what is coming.. haha..

Espected, she bought a banana cake for me, and NEARLY everyone in class sing da Birthday song for me..haha..the cake was sliced in to many pieces n distributed jor... haha... thanks Etta... I really aprreciate it~ :)

In the same day, Me n Sherene n Hoay Phing skipped class, and we heading to Queens Bay Mall.. hahaha.. Birthday got all the exception la K? even not in birthday, I oso got myself exception de lo haha... We have our lunch at Sakea Sushi.. haha.. I spend money like a rich ass.. haiz haiz.. who ask me to have a Birthday?

At Night... haha... wanna go Sushi King as they got the members promotion haha.. Rm 2 for every plate on the belt wo.. of course I wanna go la.. haha.. so here we go with Elisa n Ven Xiang.. but but but the Sushi was so crowded with all those cheap chaser.. included us.. until We cant wait any longer n proceeded to the BBQ chicken to have my last meal on my birthday.. hahaha.. I love my 19 Birthday the most.. haha

9/4.. birthday over le.. but Im so in Birtday mood.. haha.. cannot a? Due to yesterday we couldn't make it for Sushi King Cheap Sales... We go for second time.. haha who ask that we are Penang ppl, who like cheap cheap de food leh? hahaha.. I got it, Sushi King.. hahahaha

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