Sunday, 6 April 2008

G-Hotel+Jade Palace+Momo = Hory's Birthday

Yup Yup Yup.. Hory just celebrated his birthday like a rich baby pros kid.. all my 18 years appearing on this world, this could be the best birthday I could ever have.. I had thrown half a thousand just for having a great time with all my close buddies.. well, I just love how it works out, and I felt that I did not waste the money.. haha.. Presents are best of the best as well...

Yep.. this is the all time favourite hotel of Hory.. at 1st I was intended to book a Deluxe room, which is 2.6 hundred over.. but I forgotten that my birthday is always near the Cheng Beng one, haha so after I hiong jor, my decendent can celebrate 2 in 1 for me.. so the Deluxe room was fully booked.. T.T but Im rich!! I decided to go for Executive Club Room which is 330.00 per night... it is almost a hundred different!! at 1st I was like wanna cancel it off and saja go makan punya.. but then the desire of staying in G-hotel is ways too strong for me to bare with.. money is nothing hahaha... The room was a nice one.. with 1 fridge, 1 room , 1 living room, 1 toilet which is pretty nice for me... I just fall in love with the sofa.. omg.. can I take it home?

This superb nice hotel has gave me so much freebies which attracted me like a aunty attracted to the jewelry
I love the evening cocktails which is for free, as a alcohol lover... Im so in love with it..
I oso got a lovely late check out at 2pm..
n much much much more.. pls.. anyone wanna have a nice n worth hotel stay, I ensure u, G-hotel will be the best!!!!

I will be back G-hotel
the bath tub.. I wish to stay inside forever!!!!

The messy room...
the room was messed up even tho that I act as the room cleaner once, and I gave up!!

I wont paste up the swimming pool pic, coz it is 18sX haha.. I love the swimming pool the most, and the jakuzii as well!!

Which is the place I have my birthday dinner, grand leh~ haha one of the most happening restaurant in Penang ( I what oso happening de) I have a good time having dinner over there with 11 buddies... haha.. at this place I have my most happy dinner in my life, I got the most present gifts in my life, I got my most touching moment in my life.. and this is the place I wished my 3 birthday wishes~

Hory which is the hero
Sherlynn, my temporary wife of the day
Elisa, my body guard
Etta, the most enjoy herself one.. SS sangat
Beh, he recommend me this Jade palace dunno he got commision or not ?
Xiang, my all time favourite buddy
Jeremy, Senior.. which walked to buy me the super duper touching cake
Ong Lai, haha.. I just love seeing her with Dai Lou.. miss one out oso cannot..
Dai Lou, hehe.. I always wanna see her mia.. coz she pretty.. haha.. pay me o?
Zhu, my very very very good sister.. I can die for her de..
Ah O, I long time no see her liao..

Eddie, grounded by mom
Estella, go back hometown dun wan me jor
Weeyee, no stella no her then no me oso
Sherene, no stella no her then no me oso
Edward, Sherlynn bf, gone for hardwork
much more that I missed out to invite... unsufficient credit ma.. when I rich I invite all lo..

have a look on my lovely cake..

3 Different View of my cakey~ hahaha

After waving goodbyes to friends that are just coming over for the dinner, and some fitch & fetch.. We in group of 5 ppl hit to MOMO for some slutty act of my birthday.. haha.. was a nice one... Thanks Beh for the beer that is damning not worth, yet it makes me a fly high happy...
what else can I elaborate in MOMO?
dance like a ass lover?
yup.. there is a memorable 2 times cheeks 1 time hand.. haha

I met DANDOR outside of MOMO , I remember I did invite u over, but u said u are having exam, but I saw u there.. haha..
there are also a fella name DEAN who is late for meeting me in MOMO by minutes ( I wait no one...) and went home too early before I called him up to come over G-HOTEL
p/s : no pic while MOMO ing..
Behind : --> Ong Lai, Ah O, Beh, Etta, Jeremy, Xiang
Font: -->Dai Lou, Zhu, Hory, Sherlynn, Elisa

I would like to sent my deepest thanks to all who gave me birthday wishes, I treasure it alots! and to all my friends that around me, thanks for making me who I'm on this moment, somehow each and everyone of you means something to me, the important something... I LOVE YOU ALL

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Anonymous said...


I do remember that i just drop by your blog 1 week ago nia. Didn't know that your birthday is just around the corner. By the way, why u didn't invite me to your nice birthday party?

Seem like you really enjoy your birthday lo, G-Hotel , Jade Palace someone got Momo. Omg..... U really is a person that like to enjoy your life.

Maybe this is a late wishes but i still have to say it out loudly
HORY Happy Birthday
Hope your wishes will come true.

P/s : can u upload more photos that u took that day?