Monday, 21 April 2008


Haiya.. I ajak you to go PC fair, it was a threat of me to see u more often but too bad u dun wan to what am I going to do leh?

19 April morning, was wake by ur called in the morning, u laughed over the phone that say I'm a pig.. sleep till so late.. but what to do? I'm so happy when you say that I'm a pig.. ish ish .. I so jin gak~ u ask me to go for a movie with u, no doubt u got my date instantly.. We are going to watch Forbidden Kingdom..

I wanna book the ticket online but tak dapat... nvm nvm.. as long as you asked me out.. haha more than enough for every bad things to turn marvelous...haha

But in the afternoon I still fetch my best friend of my life, Zhu( Piggie) to go PC fair as piggy is so rich and wanna dump some money to get a laptop so what to do leh? ma accompany her to go lo.... at PC Fair there, lots ppl misunderstood that me n piggie are couple (nah!! my heart are all you you you and only you)... Me n piggie was like a shamelss couple in PC Fair la.. Perasan sangat, we hold hands, hugging.. hahaha..
I was late to meet you at QB, I wanna ask Piggy to join us for movie de and I got the intention de bring her along but she refuse to join us ( more or less she know what am I thinking, she was so wonderful) and she insist to go on shopping alone in QB... I really dunno that we will be spending so long times together n I ignored piggy.. omg!!!

4.45pm de movie, 5pm only I arrived at QB, what the heck?? I was so ashame n deeply sorry for keeping you waiting for me, the useless... but infact, I m so dizzy when I first saw u, and u smiled to me.. so damn Angelic.. haha... I already over high..

After the movie, I dropped the ticket.. OMFG.. It made me having uncomplete collection of movie that I watched with u..
. sad sad sad.. I collect them all.. n just just because of it, semua dah tak sempurna lagi.. I bowed down n tried to get the ticket back, n unfotunately it drops so deeply underneath the chair, n I realise that I look like a retarted, a nut when I tried to get the ticket.. Im always nut.. peanut.. u looked at me confusely, so I gived up the ticket.. so paiseh la man.. :(

After the movie...
You and me were so hungry and try to grab somethign to eat, n after a few turning in the mall, we decided to go in to Fish Market for dinner... haha..half way of our dinner, there was a uninvited guest - Cockroach, that is the time I found that we are share the similarity that is WE BOTH PHOBIA BOUT COCKROACH!! .. and upon settlign our bill we do some cute complain and we manage to get 10% discount... which mean we need no to pay for government n service taxes.. haha

here are the artistic stuff we done after meal:

Haiz.. How cute we are....

after the meal, we walked around and starts commenting the model search in QB ( we shared a same cup of properity water form MCD ) , at there I saw a few ex-schoolmates was participating haha.. hopefully they won something..and i met Joshy... he say u good looking wo.. haha I oso met Cheow Yan which is my 1st crush in my life.. haha..

I do keep on smsing with Piggie... I m damn guilty

8.45pm.. raining out there and u rushed to ur friends house to helped on some sketching things.. I rush to find Piggy when she saw me, her tears drops.. She say she not blaming me, but she felt very kelian.. omg omg omg, what have I done? I console her at Sushi King, pass by looking at me like Im the bully la.. but in face I bullied her jor..

then later, I go eat with piggy and luckily piggy has forgive me.. love her lots la

19 of April
I'm so happy and guilty..

just because

Heavy u, light friend..

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