Sunday, 13 April 2008


Well well well.. yesterday was a good day, nice day for me.. We are going for movie in less than 24 hours again, after the 3 kingdoms.. this time was the long time waited movie of urs " Ah Long" which I watched it, I think month ago.. I got no complain bout it, the feeling of watching it again is better than the 1st time.. Maybe u are beside me, who knows? haha

I was in my house- Gurney at 2.45 and u arrived at 3.45.. I think... having a sweet waiting time.. well, incase of too bored waiting.. I always sitting at my so called wife kiosk talking non-sense with her.. haha.. but while waiting u, I suddenly get very nervous and got the feeling like falling into a black hole. I can hardly smile, tho my wife keep on cheering me.. I got the feeling like Im being abandon in the same mall again.. it was really a hard time n it shadowed me for a long long time... but thanks for whatever, u actually appear...

I swear, at that moment.. I feel like wanna jump upside down, dashing to u.. (self-control conquered me) lucky

You said you are hungry, and wanna have lunch... but I already starv until no feeling ad.. inside all air, so I m contented with air, and not hungry jor.. hahaha... but nvm, you are always the main character, so after a long long dicussion of eating what, we gone to Zing Do..

In Zing Do..
You said you wanna order 2 things but u cant finish all, so I ask u to order what u want, and I share with u lo.. haha.. the reason is, 1st I dunno what to eat, coz it is my 1st time there .. 2nd, can let u eat my saliva =.= haha
3rd, U really seems hungy n I filled up with air n lost my appetide.. Ends up, we ordered Bimbimbap chicken ( izzit spell that way? who cares? ) and a korean fried tang hun ( not bad wo!) 1 green tea, 1 iced lemon tea.. I paid the bill, as Im the one who go n order at the counter, which need to pay before being serve... You gave me the belated birthday present before the food were on the table, haha..It was a Laconic Necklace.. haha, Im loving it so much, it is so nice, neverless it is from you..

you have ur whole bimbimbap chicken and the half fried tang hun.. I have only half of the tang hun.. T.T

before we go for the Ah Long... you bought waffle.. 2 waffle.. tuna and peanut butter ( or kaya ? I not really remember) then 1 bottle of mineral water.. who said you cannot eat much? who said after you ate lots then will puke? you eat more than I can imagine... haha..

In the cinema..
sitting watching the movie like normal la.. but got 1 happening on my own that I shall remember.. my jeans was stuck with the chair.. It was too loose until it fall off till my lap.. I grumble " fuck".. I was so scared that my jean will just drop off.. haha.. u seems like glued on the movie.. luckily... and so lucky that I won the fight between the jeans n the chair... sigh.. well, I peep u more than 5 times in the cinema... n you had finished the waffles.. omg.. the movie is hilarious, and it is more enjoyable than the 1st time I watched it..

after Ah Long..
we loiter around in the Gurney.. chit chat abit.. yaya.. look for sunglasses.. as mine was broken, n it is extremely important for me while driving.. nothing suits me, nor at Queensbay or Gurney... we go around those outfit outlets...

At Soda
I know u liked the white cargo, but I cant afford it yet.. hahaha.. can't help much

At Phenomenal..
you are trying outfit in the fitting room, a singlet, a long sleeves, a pair of white long pants ( I dunno it is a cargo or jean or what?).. I noticed that u like white long pants alots.. while u are trying those outfits.. I was in another fitting room trying to peep wear the necklace that you gave it to me.. poor me... no skills and I cant find a way to wear it.. u noticed it.. but we act like nothing.. I "am dui"...

then you go Versace talk with ur friend.. haha.. I m bored inside there.. those prices are far beyond my ability.. haha.. then I sneak out to the wishing well (the real name is money sucker well) haha.. I dropped my last syilling which is a 5cent, my wish cheap hor? haha seeing it roll n roll before dropped into the big hole..
the wish was repeated, it is the same with my second wish on my birthday..

After you finished talking with ur friend, I said I wanna go toilet and nonsense wear the necklace, you say you wanna see it as well, and you volunteer to wear it for me.. hahaha.. my heart was flying all around the world for 100times in a second.. haha.. it was the BEST OF THE BEST MOMENT of my life, when u actually tied up the necklace around my neck in the public, not so public.. hang fuk nia man.. SS..

well, your friend was here and ready to take u to buffet.. I know and you know what is in his mind la.. haha.. but since u promised him that you will go.. haha.. I should not stop you, and I got no rights to stop you.. I remember :

You: Wanna join the buffet or not?
Hory: Dun wan la, later become spot light ( actually I wanted to go but no money and so paiseh) then he beh syoik and kill me with knife..
You: Wont de la..
Hory : How if he thinks that we are couple?

OMFG.. this should be quoted in the rest of my life.. hahaha..

The eventho I dint follow you to the buffet.. but I sent you out till the friend car.. waving a goodbye to you, then seeing you go in the car.. and go.. I wanna shout out loud " JUST STAY HERE!!!" but I dint.. well, a moment that from heaven falling to the hell, 19 floor below.. I really dun like or even hate it everytime you talk bout him, good or bad I oso dun like, I really hate seeing you going into his car.. even worst when Im the one who sent u to his car.. fuck my self gao gao

Movie n Makan in my account.. haha.. money leakage are more serious jor.. nvm la.. it is worth more than worth..

after sent u off, I back to wife kioks n talk with her till she finished the work at 10 and fetch her home lo.. I talked bout you alot infront of her.. I know she dun like it, but I got no others to tell.. sorry la my wife..

After we reach her home.. I really feel like Im just a stranger to anyone in this world.. I talked until I sob in the car.. she got shocked abit la, but she reacted quite fast.. I felt like Im a stranger to everyone, my family, friends or even you.. with or without me, the world of you guys still having on the same track, I felt very bad that actually my appearace counldn't make a different, not even a small one.. I really feel bad... I just need someone shoulder which I can feel that Im important at once..

You called twice while Im sobbing.. you will not know de.. haha, coz I act so well.. haha.. you wanted me to join (or can said as safe) you to clubs but Im broke ever since my birthday.. n I dun like clubbing.. I cant make it.. Im sorry.. I feel even worst when I know that you are going to club... I went home.. reach home at the hour of 11 something..

Tired n hungry.. Eat only half of the tang hun in the whole day... no breakfast no lunch no dinner, just half plate of tang hun.. so I cooked a packet of "HarMee", my recent favourite.. haha.. then back to my bed, after a while of online..

Im glad that you actually called back when you see my missed call...
Im happy that you gave me a present...
Im happy that you have become more real in my life...
Im happy that you volunteer to wear the necklace for me, I think I will nvr take it down...
Im treasuring you as much as the king treasuring the crown, without the crown, the king is nothing...

Yesterday, 12 April 2008.. A memorable day in my life.. yet it is quite a sad day for me for thinking back those very bad things and sob infornt of wife..

I Think this mixture of mood proove that Im having Dissociative Idendity Disoders

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