Thursday, 25 December 2008

When The Santa is Riding Rudolf, I'm Chasing After Them

Today is Christmas, No Snow over here... just plain body ache...

Yesterday was the Christmas Eve, at first I thought that I will spending it alone at home for this year... I am all emo over this issue..

Luckily The Billy Comes To Rescue

He asked me to club with him and his friends, at 1st I was quite hesitate to join as I know nobody despite of him... but when Josh decided to go, and the one who put me aeroplane decided to comes at last - Super Bottom Dandor! haha~ I got no reason not to go anymore! I need fun !

I was there quite early... 8 something, I met up with Scissors and Hou Hou as all my people are still having their own fun without me! sigh ~ Chat and talk with Scissors, while she is playing with poker, Dig Big Bro 2~ haha I don't know how to play even after so many times I have learnt..
by the way, Scissors got a new name from Dandor - Hu Li Jing , The Fox Lady

Billy was there before 11, Josh was there 11 something... Dandor!!!! was there at 11.39pm!
These people... sigh~ I was there 8 somthing

That particular night, I am like the liqour selling person outside of clubs, keep on telling my friends prices and so on so for.. So any commission for me?

In MOMO, what else I can do? haha..
Drink but not drunk.. as I need to drive Super Bottom home as well as myself.. many people, so little liquor.. don't dare to drink much as well...

but what am I going to do when I set myself in club?

DANCE~ Just Dance!
Shake and shake and shake
Slut and slut ans slut
Rub and rub and rub

well well well... I only danced with those I know.. sigh.. why no people approaches me? *build a bridge and get over it!*

Josh and Super Bottom both got something in hand, especially Josh.. si pek hiao

Additional scene : I saw the real fight outside of Mois.. wah~ hou geng a~~ hou sai lei a~~

Josh, Billy and others went back earlier.. Left me and Super Bottom continue in dancefloor, I didn't even know when Billy left, he left without a goodbye.. this kind of people...

By the way, surprisingly! I met You in club, I was not so happy for a second when I first know that you are there and dancing with guys.. but a second later, I found it so meaningless... I need to be indifferent to your stuff, even I can't I also need to act out that I felt indifferent about it...

Enson and Da Bing was not expected that I would saw them..

The Red Shirt~ haha.. I am so obsess with you! but you are... sigh.. I don't know how to say, so sad and dissapointing ~ lolz~

After those hard workout in club.. Im am classified as *si sua* means I'm like shattered into pieces..

till now, my neck, arms and waist are all pain... ish~ old old old~


This post, all the things are mixing here and there.. it is kinda of random, as I have a fuzzy mind when I'm in there.. dun expect too much~

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Notiangel said...

Horny Holy Whory Hory, I wanted to say goodbye when I was leaving, but you were too busy slutting around with ppl at the dance floor. So, don't blame me.

At least, I was kind enough to sms you to let you know that I left. But you didn't seem to care and sms me the message you wanted to send to other ;-(

slap slap slap