Thursday, 11 December 2008

Bo Balance

Just finished my Information System's test and my International Marketing's presentation today.. well... yesterday I had so much fun cooking over my friend's house, loiter in the mall.. doing things that what a rotten kid should be doing..

well well well... I did fucking badly on my Information System test, I didn't even flipped a page before I go for the test all that In my mind was presentation presentation.. because normally form my past experience I did quite well in Information System even tho I don't really study.

Consequences of not paying attention during lecture, tutorial and class skipping like a rotten kid..
I stared blankly on the questions paper, and the GOOD LUCK.. the GOOD LUCK is so fucking annoying when it appears on the paper.. haha.. I did it so badly, it got no different it I just submitted my name on a sheet of blank paper.. than different is the paper i passed up is dirtied by pen ink..

Back to International Marketing... well.. I did not really prepare my presentation this time, I just simply draw and jotted some points on the OHP slides, and I got a box of condom pasted up with Harry Potter picture.. haha.. as my presentation's tool..

While my turn to present, I felt awkward and have a very messy mind.. all the monkeys jumping inside, screaming.. argh~~ I am in trouble.. so I craps whatever is in front of my eyes.. I even have some stupid pauses and stucked. The sentence I made out , is kinda weird.. hahaa.. after I present out all, erm.. I felt like I am just doing my 50 out of 100.. which is awful!

Fine fine fine.. but when Miss Jocelyn annouced that she gave me 24/25 for my presentation, OMG~ what she is doing? She commented that Im nervous, but I manage to speaks, creative and fluent.. which all I think despite of nervous all are just another way round..

I felt so imbalance with my perfomance...

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