Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Hey, Mr. Chairperson.

To a mighty friend,

It doesn't matter, it is just a fall. What matter is the way you going to put yourself together. We often find very hard to fit in ourself into perfection, not only you. Everyone hopes to be someone doing something big, you had played your role, not to say well, not to say perfect and it is flaw but so what? You did it like nobody business. Those condemned you, so who they are? Like you said, have they been into your shoes?

You might not be the best I wanna work with, we have our own styles. Many a times, I don't agree with how you work, but hell mine is another hard to cope with style. The past no matter how bad is it, we had done our best not to worsen it, we sweat we bleed we had how many sleepless night nor late night work to made it at least not so close with failure, so what the hell you take it as a failure? When people don't agree with our succeed, first we got to agreed with our own self, so that's the way we get to convince others we actually triumph it loud.

Compared with others, we marched the way, we stomped so loud, best of all the fun you had like no others. There is only once a lifetime chance, there would not be the same if you had a second chance. Keep on looking down at the bad side, will only worsen the you that you been hating for, so what for?

Hey, Mr Chairperson... when everyone taking it as a mess, you don't look like a mess, you should be the one who clear up the mess....

Hey, Mr Chairperson, I had a great time with your event... Thank you.

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