Monday, 31 August 2009


I'm planning a perfect escapade away from those evil 666's born internet and all the technology that comes along with it. I need to concentrate on my study, FULLY would be the best adjective in this action. I will be carrying a cheerful heart, happily along with those textbooks, pencil case, calculator, full scrape papers and my cell phone with headphone along... who called it a escapade from technology?

Well well well

Far before I get to carry out my escapade perfectly flawless, what am I doing? I'm blogging here, refreshing facebook homepage every 5 seconds I turned away from it, I'm watching Ugly Betty Season 3, and I'm msn chatting with Milk King... Luckily tonight no 'extra' business for me.

Again I wanna ranting about something, which is a fairytale.

I work in a cool airline, as one of their service crew on board better in named, Air Steward. Sigh, I just love to be adventurous, visiting around the world, seeing things with different perspective! Well, despite of that, I'm working part time as a fabulous *not going to be disclosed*, I'm much enjoying my life.

Staying in my own condo, with those i-love-it renovation. Having a master bedroom size of wardrobe filled in with all my outfits... and blah blah blah as it going to be never ending

I live happily ever after in my dream


Spoiled Brat.

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