Thursday, 11 March 2010


Cause when you're fifteen
and somebody tells you they love you
you're gonna believe them
and when you're fifteen
feeling like there nothing to figure out
Fifteen - Taylor Swift

If I can swim better like a sperm, I would drown in the time capsule like a ovary back into my fifteen. A fifteen that is only happen once in my life.

Fifteen is the age I started my first date, which I literally screw everything. No feelings involved at all not even sweetness but there I sacrificed my kiss. Then I broke it up, cause I'm bored playing. I don't even have feelings, unlike those kids who will so linger about their first love, which is innocent, naive and so called as pure.

One-Five Year Old, I met my mentor. I turned bad after then. Thanks him, I hate Prangin and fall for Gurney happily ever after. Thanks him, I talk like an idiot. Thanks him, I think a lot more mature, he changed my mind. Thanks him, I spent lot in my fifteen. Thanks him, my fifteen was fun.

I remember how rough I'm when I'm fifteen. I'm kinda good in martial art back then, and I won a inter-school second runner up. Proud fighter stops fighting after the victory cause the I got bored. Well, I still good in flipping tables and throwing chairs or smash a few smaller size guys on the floor. I'm so trouble.

It's a PMR year for a fifteen's teen. I enjoy messing with friends in tuition classes. I enjoy the walk before and after tuition classes. I enjoy talking so loud in tuition class and I always got my works done partially but beautifully written. I enjoy running in rainy days tho I just did it twice in my life. PMR seems happy regardless results.

Emo. Quite not my style, because I was a ugly sunshine boy I think. I don't do internet this much. I enjoy take bus going everywhere with my first handphone and MP3. I have love-bugs.

I wrote a confession blog to someone. I fall deep for someone. I felt I'm special for the first time not only to my family. A fifteen years old is missing someone every time he blinks.

A fifteen in 2004, A Twenty One in 2010.
I never expected I'll be who I'm now
when I was 15
I no longer that daring
but I'm much brave
I'm still happy
yet pursuing a life which I'm contented with

Fifteen, I got my name as Hory
21. I'm proud of Hory

Bravo. Fifteen.

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Jessyca said...

oh~ ONe five year old. Seems so far away from me! LOL

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