Monday, 17 December 2007


Yup! As what I wrote on above, someone has came back from the far far away kingdom ( got to sit plane de neh!) - Australia... Guess who? haha, the famous cartoon from Japan! Ang ang ang .. Doraemon a.k.a Shinny! Think of asking him for lunch few days ago, but I dragged until today.. enough for those bla bla bla...

It was a tiring day, atleast for me it was... i would like to share how much journey I had undertake today, it seriously like a marathon of my life~

Well, well, well!! Altho it was tiring, I still manage to had lots of fun from it... It was like meeting back the secondary me, brainless n shameless... By standing beside with two of the gigantic maniacs, I had finally realise that ish ish ish .. IM A SHORTY, not counted in cm but a head or one and half head...ish .. no manners la both of you! Stand far away from me.... Shinny's part, he slimmed lots.. n more sensible with fashion compare to last time ( he made me look so not sensible...), still with his killing height... what else .. HE CHANGED LOTS... smoker!! He is fucking good with his sunshining tactics.. Loads of perfumes n others branded clothes... * Jealousy*... tho had a good time with him oso ..

Another exciting thing happened... I met something that had totally changed my mind set bout studying aboard... Emily , The evil or weirdo girl ? nah.. I can hardly recall... Well Emily... the english in her was functioning so fucking damn well... In a sentence, if i need to cancel off those sweet words, i think it would be left, I U WE THEY other else would be those *toot* & *tuuuuut*. Altho not much communication had carried out between me and her, coz we are kinda of disconnected all the time, she is energetic and daring... She would be a great friend if I can get closer to her.. but I think there is gaps between me n she.. A BIG one..

Here I share my driving journey of today ( 17 Dec 07):

Home ( everything started here) - TARC (English) - McDrive Tru(Filet-o-fishy) - Home ( took missed out assignment for Etta) - BHP(for petrol) - Air Itam ( for food) - TARC( drop Etta for her QS) - Shinny's House( where i first look at him after this while, he is old) - Gurney -TARC( which Im so clever to go back for Macro) - Shinny's House ( chit n chat) - Subaidah( Canai!) - Emily's house( few steps away from TARC) - Batu Ferringi( Night Market, gosh~ It rains) - 7-11 ( TARC nearby) - A few mistaken lorongs - Emily's House - Gurney( here I come agian) - Shinny's House( complete my job as a driver) - Home ( finally)

P/S : thanks for the billabong's pencil case...


tireness kills...

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