Friday, 2 January 2009

Is Robbery A New Way Of Survive?

Dear Robbers,

There was a day, today. I am in a very super good mood, I believe today would be one of the brightest day of my life. I woke up with a smile on my face, I sing so loud in car when I drive to college, I jokes with my classmates, I sing so loud again on the way home, I take sweet nap in the afternoon.

Later in the evening, I went swimming with my friend, what a lovely day, I have fun with the jacuzzi.. Those bubbles make me so high *blush* ... While I am having fun with the water, the weather become windy, and rain like cats and dogs.. *meows and barks*.. and I like getting even higher playing in the pool, with a brave on my chest, I will bear the lighting if it strikes on me! wooohooo...

After those fun time, I am hungry as well as my lovely friend. We decided to go fun a nice dinner at the white cloud mountain famous western food, well.. not really satisfied with the food, as the qualities is worth a *sigh* now a days. Yet, I am still having lots of fun eating with my friend which I talk lots of nonsense... After the dinner, we decided to go to beach to have a little relaxing walk.

We are there, the Seawind aka the belakang of the Naza Hotel. It is the 1st time we pay our visit there. We have the nice breeze over there, quite clean and soft sand, with lots of nice seashells. Here, we took out our W810i handphone to use it as torch and helps us to seeks for nice and beautiful seashells, and avoids stepping on sharp stuffs. There are 4 Malay guys fishing there, 2 China ladies walking as well as 2 Malaysian Chinese, seeking for seashells. The enviroment is so peaceful yet so enjoyable.

The 2 Malaysian Chinese is joking,

Guy: Later if there is a robber wants to rob us two,
we throw him into the water and rob him back!
Girl: Hahaha! You so 'Jek Ak'

On the way walk back to where we come from, there are another bunch of Malay kids at the age of 16 - 17, there are 4 of them in count walk pass the 2 Malaysina Chinese, the guy gave a friendly smile to them as they all are Malaysian.

The 2 Malaysian Chinese is joking again,

Girl: Belakang de China po, gone case ad lo...
Guy: haha.. They very happy one la..

SUDDENLY, the 4 Malay Kids turn back, and walk very fast toward the 2 Malaysian Chinese, they both realized that and walk faster...

OUT OF ANOTHER SUDDEN, two of the Malay Kids grabbed the Malaysian Chinese guy's hand and pulled him aside, said that they got things to discuss with him. Anyone with brains would have sure said NO!!! and of course he said so! Another Malay Kids came front and push the him so hard for a few times, while another of the gang is screaming non sense, maybe he is the cheerleader in the gang.

The cellphone on the guy's hand is losing.. it is the guy turn 17's birthday present! He heart it damn lots and much. There is too much pulling and pushing, the guy's finger is wounded by the two Malays Kids, his cheek and lock bone is so much pain because of another one who keep on pushing him so damn hard! 4 VS 1, they guy gave up his cellphone with all his unwillingness... He felt so sorry to his cellphone, he never think of changing a new one, until the moment they robbed it away. Till now, the guy still missing his W810i so damn much, and found that there are no substitution that can perform as nice as his lost and others can't satisfied him as how his lost did. He really misses him till this moment.

Nobody comes to help, during the hell process, the girl did scream and ask for help! DANG! people are getting a colder heart, no one cares! The 4 fishing Malays don't care, the diners at Seawind don't give a damn...

There are some lines that I wanna make, and it seriously awful to be made by a Malaysian like me.

Those who never eat pork, ain't you people have all the sponsors form government? Ain't you people are proud as the Prince of The Land? Ain't the government have the Dasar Economy Baru to helps you people?

You people are parasiting in the society, what you people know is about hak-hak istimewa, without it, you people will never able to survive on your own! EVENTHOUGH YOU PEOPLE ARE HAVE THOSE SPECIAL HAK, ELSE IS ROBBERY A NEW WAY OF SURVIVING FOR YOU PEOPLE? You make us looks so damn down on you!

The 4 who robbed my handphone, here is my words for you and I am serious with it.
You four, with the brave crafted on ur chest,
those who touched me, will have their hand rotten.
The 4, you all will have cancer or aids or both in the near future,
Even you all didn't get the karma in near future,
I curse your future is blinded,
have baby boy without birdy ,
have baby girl without pussy,
your elderly life is full of tragic!
Thank You For Taking My Phone,
You guys pay back 10000X in the future!

Sigh off, with love

p/s : not all Malays are bad, there are good ones out there, so don't mogok!


Danny said...

oi! i'm malay!!! :( BUAT MALU JE!

EstellA said...

yoyo....fake...i like u so much...
write ka sooo good...haha...MALAY damn hor..haiya..dun think 1 new hp bahx...hehe

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