Saturday, 24 January 2009

Where Is My Mood Of Celebration?

The air is definitely fresher for me now, I can have a comma on my exam... for Chinese New Year!
4 papers had been examined, I probably got 3 of them set in the border line. Personally think that, they will FLUNG me away. Damn it!

Chinese New Year is really approaching, tomorrow is the last day of the year and I got to go back to the 'haunted' house. People there are really spooky, and trust me, you won't want to see them a second more if you can avoid.

If Im a magician, they are all flies by now

But hell, I'm going to stay about 3 days over there... I sincerely hopes that there would be no fight in this 3 days, or else make it the loudest one.. I would enjoy it much

I personally thinks that I'm growing older and had lost some of my celebration mood on those festive seasons. I admit I am not a family guy, somehow, I hate them... I prefer where I am, and do not wish to make any changes on this point.

As I getting older, life getting complicated. I need to have shoulder to bare with responsibility, I need to open up my eyes, to see the hard truth, I got to use my hands to make things right, I got to depends on my legs to walk on the right path of my life...

I am missing fire crackers... I really do....

sigh... my CNY post is kinda of emo...

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tEh_o'_ pENg said...

eh horrrrrieeee, don so emo lar, the good thing is >>> YOU GOT ANGPAU hehehe, be happy, gt problem find me(finance wont help), hahaha