Thursday, 2 July 2009

Elves Raping Fairies

The Proposal of Stage Design

According to the Theme of Orientation Odyssey Nite 2009/10, the design of the CA's stage have to strongly carry out the' Elves and Fairies' atmosphere.

To bring out the feeling of fantasy in the simplest and modal saving method is to ignore the design and such 'we already have a very nice hall to serve the purpose of the night', quoted by Mr. Amos. Thus, the design of the stage is not necessary anymore. If that is being nailed as the most irresponsible way of creating the scene for the audience, I strongly suggest that our very own Fairy Godmother, Miss Ng to dress up like a fairy and literally flying on the stage.

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Best regards for the Committee of Orientation Odyssey Nite 2009.

Stage Design Department


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