Thursday, 25 June 2009


When you walk into the check point of your dream, I smells the memories we shares.
We are distanced by the sea, but we are still sharing the dreams, the future, the passion and the friendship.

You came into my life when I am a timid little boy trying hard to fix myself into the environment, together we really shared those years growing together. Seeing you set your own wings, prepared to fly on itself, as a soul mate of mine, there I blessed you with all my wishes. You have a wonderful journey.

I remember the time, we walk under the rain, kicking water all the way back home, about 2km we shared the rain.

I remember the time, we took bus together at 8am to Prangin Mall and until 10.30am we took bus home.

I remember the time, when I need to walk home and you ride your bicycle to accompany me home, we shared the sun and the sweat.

I remember the time , when I first drove my car alone, you are the passenger. We drove all the way long to Queensbay.

I remember the time, when we were so bored, we took RM50 and have a random bbq at beach, we do it without consider much.

I remember the time, when you are the only friend that go beach with me and we catch fishes and crabs to put into a water bottle, I added some shells in it and we shake it without realize that those fishes and crabs are blended. Cruel... sigh

I remember the time, we use to talk in tuition class, screamed by tutor.

I remember the time, when the malay guy handsome was dropped on the floor and blame me for dropping it, you were the one who stand behind me to pull me away from punching him.

I remember the time, you are the always the one who accompany me to do sinful business, the time we pour water on others peoples school bags, mess others people drawers, tear our classmate books.

I remember the time, when I am so bored and down which we both called it hormone imbalance, we both used those idiotic ways to cheer up.

I remember the time, when we give a ride to each other to no where, what we care is the time we talk in car, not talking about those serious stuff.. we just simply bullshit to make each other happy.

I remember, you are always the very very very very important friend of mine, you are always always the very best friend of mine.

There are more than words to speak out how much I love you, how much I'm gonna miss you...

You fly high in another world, that had me wishing over here.

We are distanced, but our heart keeps us together.

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