Monday, 15 June 2009


There are something that I should had long posted up here about the Orientation Week that I involved again this year. I used nearly a month to get it done, blame my laziness, blame my DNA~

Link :

It is a damn long post with grandmama and grandpapa stories... Don't bother to click if you scared.

But hell, I am going to add up a few pic here and a video :)

Do not bother to spot where am I, Just LOVING it too much

Rape Case: Mangsa: Hory, Pemangsa: Wuang Ching

4 dead Course Marshall in Foyer showing their sleep style to freshman.

Some Cute Committees

SOT Student Leaders' Steamboat Night

Wuang Ching got SMACKED!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Only tortoise is cute.....