Tuesday, 8 September 2009


There is a day, I wanted to do some good deed to a friend of mine.
I drove happily up to a palace where she live
only in one of the dungeon
We took the public pumpkin car to back where she belongs.
Upon reaching the jetty, I was told that she is a Bwitch
I thought the another pumpkin car will directly make us near her
evil palace
but I was told the Bwitch is lame and got to walk her way home
1KM of tearless cry

The downturn of the happy day

The "Masuk", Welcome to a hell trip

I shall understand the Dangerous Sign, that hinted me not go further
yet, my good heart got me killed

My heart is sinking into the ocean

We prisoner, on the boat to the stranger land

My heart, is as dark as his shadow

See, the Bwitch... found guilty and not to show her face

My ID to the No-Where-Land of that Bwitch

Was wondering why his head got a hole

Roar~ I'm a Tiger~

The place where the Bwitch learn her primary magic

The Bwitch tortured me, and I slimmed down again
Stated : 66

Her evilness bringing me to no where,
She lured me with fried Banana, but so lame
She lost in her land, ends up
she poison me with Slurpee and Ice Cream Potong
with my own pocket money
how devilish!

Locked in her house, witness she did something idiot
took picture with her giant horse

There goes another pity prisoner
She always force her to do silly stuff, and the Bwitch gave her
a guy name - Jerry
How pity is the prisoner = How idiot is the Bwitch

The Slurpee poison she make me drink and I got a yellow tongue.

How evil is she? she put me in her house, and she went sleep.
She left me alone with no toys.

Sigh, she makes me look like a mouse, or the Welcome Prosperity Cat

When the night comes, she suddenly got stroked by thunder
and send me back to her Island dungeon with her giant horse
release me and my little deer

I rode happily on my way home
live happily ever after

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