Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Mama Loves

Tomorrow expecting great fun, and great fun expecting great outflow of money.

Trying to get my allowance early from my mum, haha... Is like a usual monthly ritual I will do, my mum say I can only be a good boy whenever I'm short of money, how cruel or she, but she is damn right.

I'm guilt!

I fetch her from work and bring her to ATM, then to catch our lunch together at Jetty, nice fish noodle! I absolutely will be there another time. Then while lunch I KC KC show her that a shirt I wear is so nice, XOX, but I don't want to buy it yet ( lie)... but I'm really sharing with my mum only, not expecting that she said she wanna buy it for me. She asked me to go Gurney with her, she wanna shopping with me.

The shirt's price was overlook by my bad eyesight! It doubled up what I saw on that day, it went too far and made it so not worthy. Secretly still loving it, urgggghhh....

Since I don't wanna pressure my mum, then I said I don't want it anymore... as if I really mean it! lolx...

I fetch her to Gama, old shopping complex where I go almost everyday in my childhood to ride the brown horse. She walk around then we go to men's department, looking around. I was so dead, those shirt are macam my dad century, and my mum so enjoying fitting my dad's fashion on me. urgh! I spotted something before I decided to walk away, finally there are some eyes catching shirts, I happily picking trying them, being in between of 2 lovely shirts, don't know which one to go to, and mum helps me to decide.

I bring home both! Love her!
and I can have new shirt to club!

and when I went home, Aunt said she will give me money to buy new shoes! wheeee!!!!!

Loving my mum, since I know the best way
not having argument with her, show no temper.

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