Saturday, 1 March 2008

My Words, My Heart

To Your heart :

How should I make a start for u? the one in my life... haha, people says it is hard for u to find someone that u willing to spent ur life with, or even die for.. but yet, I found u.. but it is pretty hard for me. You asked me before, who is the one I admire? haha, I hint u very very obvious.. IT IS U.. haha..but when u ask me is that u ? haha, I tortoised.. haha, y ? Just because I know that u dont love me as much as I love u.. so I dun wan to make u feel stress, I dun wan to make trouble between both of us..
Few years back, when I first see u in school, haha.. I should say I stunned.. haha, u got me ? Stunned.. maybe it sounds stupid to u.. I used to wait u outside the bus stand.. haha.. I peep u.. who cares? haha no one care who I m peeping on.. I got over excited everytime u notice that Im looking at you.. haha, you really shine n glow in my eyes... I enjoy the time where Im sitting at the bus stop, and u standing behind for the shade, it give me a feeling that someone I love is always behind to support me.. duh.. it is just out of my imagination... and u dissapear right after Im form 5, u graduated. I thought I could never find u back...
I still remember how happy Im when I found u back, haha... I get to know u better, atleast I got a second chance... but too bad u told me that u cant believe in love anymore, I was so naive and stupid that believing I'm the one who could help u.. I should hit myself with the words W.T.F!!! U did a small romantic things on my 18 birthday... I was so darn happy, like a retarded.. u sent me a birthday mail.. duh, it is a small one but I nvr told u my birthday before. I asked u so many times how u could knew it? but it seems like remain a mystery forever. I tot everything will be going fine until the day we are going to live happily ever after, but I think I ruined it.. too many bugging, coz I see u no online for over 2 months.. I keep on giving u offline massage, I tot it should be a romantic or a touching act.. but it seems not to be like that, The only reply I get is DONT CONTACT ME ANYMORE, I couldn't believe it, I seriously cannot. It tooks me another 2 months to slowly believe it... I felt that I'm the extra one in ur life, u nvr knwo how many pieces my heart shattered off..
Upon I'm giving up those hopeless hope I have on u, u come back with ur HI. once agian I fall seriously back for u, or I should say I nvr been giving up.. now we are talking more than last time.. which I really glad about it... people say if u wanna get something, u should work hard on it.. how hard should I work ? haha, gods only know bout that.
You are going to Aus for study very very soon, you told me before that you wanna have a whole new life over there, u want to have ur career over there... Possibily, u dun wan to come back anymore. What am I gonna do with it? I take it agian, I dun wan to be the obstacle in ur life, my love it shouldn't be the things which hold u, or trouble... I dun wan to make u feel stress, I cant promise but I will do my best coz u are the one I met in this lifetime, I should treasure u as much as a king treasure his crown.
from : My Heart

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Anonymous said...

Hey friend i'm back again, do u miss me. For such a long time didn't drop by your blog and drop u some comment.Sorry for that, my Uni life is killing my time.

After reading your blog, i start to believe there is true love in this world. From your blog i get to know what is love. Love is not just give and take, because you always try to give but you never wish to get anything back. Actually you are really brave, brave in everything, especially in the love feild.

Although you know there zero winning in this relantionship, but you still trying your best to prove there will be miracle.

Hory, I know how deep you love him and maybe you will keep him forever in your heart. But do you think this is fair for your future love you? By sure this is really unfair for he / she, because in your heart HJ always exist.

Can you ask your heart now (Do he deserve for it). Maybe your start to hate me cause i am the one who always force you to face the real HORY in your heart.