Friday, 29 February 2008

Movie Crazie on Feb

Feb 29th.. Eh.. KNN so special de day.. =.='''

I started it with vulgar.. tak tamadun la wei~haha.. last day of Feb, means my coll life is coming back in 2 days time... Im so not ready yet Im so bored over the holidays...(out of topic, swt!)... I had lots of movie on this holiday 5 of them .. intend to make it more, but failed jor.. haha.. so now Im making this as the last salute to my Feb 2008 once in a life time.. as if I would no longer here in March - sigh~

Kung Fu Dunk

Another Jay Chou movie.. Charline Choi the partner of one of the sex photo scandal heroin, Gillian...
I consume it(ate it?) ... I watch it after during Chinese New Year.. hahaha.. the 1st movie I have in Feb.. wakkaka.. The action was cool, but quite dried as well... Same old things from the Kung Fu Scoccer as Steven Chow nia.. act cool and nothing liao.. hahah.. overall I shall rate it 2.5/5..not good, but It doesn't bored me lots.. hahaha..


Steven Chow is coming back with his brand new mind blowing movie... mind blowing??? haha... not at all, atleast for me.. Her god-daughter in the movie, talented as well as her acting is quite fine.. but the movie seems quite pointless to me...Izzit im stupid or what? when people laugh, I cant laugh coz I couldn't get the laughing point.. urgh~ Izzit Steven is out of new ideas? or he already have upgraded to another level which I cant reach him? who knows? Rating... 1/5..his fans shall killls me!!! but I really get bored inside..what to do leh?


I watch it just right after I finished CJ7.. hahaha..kinda of insult to CJ7.. I get it interesting wo.. haha..maybe I m more into this kind of fantasy action? hahah..with powers that we normal one cant have one.. in dream? yes ofcoz, lots of impossible happen in dreams.. hahaha.. nice hero n heroin.. I mean how they look .. haha.. not how they act.. haha.. but actually their acting seems fine to me.. maybe I shouldn't go for cantonese movie next time.. I rate Jumper as 3.5/5.. haha.. obviously the 2nd great movie I had in Feb...

Step Up 2 The Street

watched it with my boi boi.. haha, Sherlzzz.. haha. she should be happy if she saw her girl girl share a piece of her over here. I LLL OOO VVV EEE Step Up 2.. it made me feel like wanna go learn street dance at the moment I watched the movie, nice musics, nice moves, nice charecters, good value.. haha, I cant see a point that I should reject watch it another time.. Im just so fall in love.. haha.. Anyone out there, u can date me if u wanna watch Step Up 2 .. haaha obviously I will rate it 4.5/5 .. haha.. 0.5 for improvement.. haha.. Love it!!!!

Vantage Point

The last movie I had in Feb, with Desmondos? haha.. I shall focus on movie not people.. the staring.. or should say the 1st half part of the movie boo-my-ass-away with its' technic.. really sucks.. repeat n repeat.. though is trying to show different ppl perspective on the happening over the assasination of American President.. haha.. pity him, got to die over 5 -6 times.. kena atleast 10-12 bullets.. wakakaka.. but the action was well packed on the later half of the movie..not a bad one overall.. hahah 3/5 .. my 3rd fav in Feb..

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