Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Hory's Perspective

Yup.. I thought I had giving up blogging over here. Why ? the answer is damn simple, coz I cant blog in Chinese. This point had make me feel like so meaningless to blog. Agian, another why? English can bring out what I mean as well, but not as well as Chinese. Chinese words seriously can represent my feelings better than any form of whatever... haha~ but yet, the pity thing is I got to blog in english for this while as I dunno what happended to my comp, and I still not so willing to reformat it, so I got to bare with the consequences that cannot blog in Chinese.. Hory nag alot.. he is a old whore who like to repeat n repeat boring stuff...

Chinese New Year had come to the tail part.. end soon.. as I used 2 different days to finish up this.. kinda of lacking ideas recently.. During this still on going Chinese New Year.. I go back home as well.. but this year is a little harder than before for me.. Im sick on the 29th of the Lunar Calender... until now Im still attached with the cough *cough* *cough**cough*.. the 11th of New Year of the Lunar Calender.. I sicked one year appX.. wtf? *blurp*

Same old house , same old ppl.. different attitude.. this year I kinda of taking ppl as they are transperant to me.. I choose not to see those who will make me feel not good... I closed up my ears for those words that will irritate me... I choose cliped my my lips to those I dun wish to talk much~ yup.. I do feel more relax that way... atleast I dun have to make myself shitty with those unecessary negetive feeling... Im happy for my ownself not for others.. but I do felt sorry for my mom.. I can nvr speak well to her.. even I wanted to.. I seriously wonder.. izzit we had to crash n crush each other then only we can live? hard to think... I'll try my best to understand u .. hopefully u will be doing it oso... both of us are strong head ppl.. with sturburn monkey ass...

Back to the thingy I interested the most recently.. hooho.. Edison Chan Sex Photo Scandal~ You might think that why Im writting it as well? haha.. that's why my title is Hory's Perspective... I do felt pity for those who involve in the case.. n yet I feel so weird to those ppl who keep on blaming them for having those photo.. HEY PPL ! HOW IF ONE DAY U SEE ANOTHER SIMILAR PHOTOS UP THERE, BUT IS NOT TAKEN BY CELEB.. haiya.. normal porno pic nia ma.. I think this whould be what u think.. human being are just like to 'mengheboh heboh'.. just because they are famous so izzit that they can have sex? OMG... we are selfish~ But I do understand some ppl say that Edison is 'To Sui Gah' he causes those celebS having a hard time now but padan that he causes the leakages.. haha.. he have SEX WITH DIFFERENT GIRLS.. so ? It his choice to have sex ma.. samo I think sex is something give n take.. if no one willing to give? how he can get it? so ? now izzit those ppl reacted to loud on that happening is becoz that they are jealous n do not have the chances to have sex with their goddess celebs? n jealous that Edison can have them all.. and keep photo as souvinour? I bet if u have a chance to fuck any celeb.. u would take down some pic to show off gua? for more detials n informations.. pls refer to ...

By the way, pilihan raya that comes 5 years once.. had conquer the newspapers.. those rapist, mudered case as not as important as the pilihan raya.. ppl should only cares about the pilihan raya only meh? .. if u ppl do ur job all the time... y now must 'mengheboh heboh' agian leh? Im not saying that pilihan raya is not important.. who will win? semua orang tau-tau la~ just that I already 'muak' seeing those faces appear on the headlines.. but those real headlines hilang bersih-bersih~ haiz~ it is my perspective agian~

Many ppl will think that my thinking is so terpesong ad.. haha.. who cares? *blurp*

~My perspective is mine~

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