Friday, 30 October 2009


I tell you what, the god gonna punish me for my greediness... but hopefully he is mercy enough to spare me a good life.. I do not wish for much, but only the list stated.

Contact Lenses--- I can't live a smooth life with them
New Converse--- My old shoes are aged, time to die
New Belt--- My belts are worn out a bit, and wanna add more variety
Contact Lenses Solution--- To ensure I live a smooth life
Cleansing Bar--- For cleansing
Spectacles--- 4 years old's dude needs retirement plan
Headphone--- I literally destroyed mine
Fixing My Babe--- Ken Ken has too much bruises
More Shorts--- I always wears the only one or two, felt bored
More Jeans--- I only wear my favorite, felt bored as well
Shades--- Panda shape no longer fits me, or I just realize that fact
More T-shirts--- New blood to wardrobe
More Shirts 格子--- My hard crush on them
New Perfume--- CKfree, My love, My Life... Applicious just buried
Money Money Money--- Essential solution of all
Lays--- Important when I'm pps-ing
Stationary--- To enrich my pencil case, don't like it looks empty
Hoodie--- I have no hoodie, feel like owning one
Cap--- Cover my popular face
Wallet--- Feel like tearing the current one into pieces
Rings--- I had 12, now I has 0
Head&Shoulder Shampoo--- Wash my silk on top of my head
Mask--- My face is cracking
Haircut--- Trust me, pigeon is laying eggs on it, peace!
New Bags for College--- Confession of a show off kid
Shaving Cream--- To decorate my ice-cream
Shaving Blade--- Cut grass in yard
Watch--- Countdown for the end of world

Blessed be.


cindy said...

jus so you know, i found your contact lenses under the sofa when i was sweeping the floor. I wanted to return it to you when we met on steamboat, but i kinda forgot! haha!

Hory said...

by the time you return to me, it already rotten. just as a souvenir. I had my new lenses come today with me! happy!