Friday, 13 February 2009

Somebody's Me

I took it off, I know you dun like to see it around my neck

I put it on, the shirt that you said you love to see it on me

I wear it, the shorts you gave it to me as a present

I still treasure your sweetness

I walk with bare heart to your house

I ate nothing, I know you wants me to accompany you to have your supper

I know, you always felt eating together is always better than eating alone

I was there waiting for you

I longing to see you that night

I dropped my tears that you once said I should not be alone

I remember last week, how sweet we are when you sick

I drench in tears when you refused to see me

I know there would be a day, my heart would miss you this hard

I seeing everywhere fully with you shadow

I can barely take a step

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