Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A Day With Loaded Happiness

Today was an unexpected day. Not to say that I am going to die and earned it to live another day, lol. At which I gained so much happiness unexpected way, I thought I'm going to spent my day at home staring at my monitor, LCD one, pressing my keyboard, touching my mouse, and last but not least the text book opened up lifted by my lap.

I was planned to show my sleeping look to Mr. Beh which is with an out shape T-shirt, Levi's and my over size shorts plus my glasses and messy oily sleeping hair. I just need to hand some pirated DVD to him, but hell... I was hijacked to TARC, with tiny reason as a companion...

HELL.. I'm dressed up only for going to TARC...
ofcoz no longer the sleeping look

After getting all his stuff done, I called my Fake Dear to ask her out with us, as we are like the mousekeeters in class. As expected, she was still sleeping but agreed to go out with us. So me n Beh went to bank and back to get her... Wow, she puts on her make up, which is so rare to be seen.

Here we go, Gurney a.k.a Second Home
Spending a few minutes to decide which movie to go for then we head to have out lunch at 600cc which is kind of moderate, nothing special. We people keep on talking about our present relationship or encounter with the same or opposite sex and commenting about each other's business, all 3 of us... sama-sama indulged in shit with different taste and shape, yet we had our most fun teasing and laughing yet consoling each other, how supportive...

Cinema 5, 5.15pm, Make It Happen
Watching this movie, as I wished for cause I'm always interested in those dancing movies, I'm a huge fan of Step Up 2, I watched it for 4 times, I think... and the 1st time I watch it was on 308 big day of Malaysia and have so much threatening smses from my Mom and friends that people will mogok... Make It Happen, bored me a little bit, slightly complaint about too little dancing inside compared to Step Up 2, tho using the same producing team.
Here comes the question from Beh when he asked about after watching a scene that both main character kissing after their 1st date, why does it happend so easily? I thrown my secret out again, unconciously... It happens quite easily on me, haha... I wonder why also, they both labeled me as orang cincai, cheap stuff... but hey, when the feeling and environment is right, doing the right thing, kissing won't pay a cent right? eventhough it hanya 1st date, but syoik also ma... I had been loosing my mouth quite easily about my so called 'experiences', they both know more than before.

After that so called dance movie, urggghhh... return my money, please! We went to have some window shopping and of course we got to full fill our nastiness by wearing nice outfit like we owned them, take pics and return them. We are sinful to have stained our sweat on those shirts we tried on just for fun. After doing those silly stuff and trying newbies around us, we are kind of bored and moved on to the next location for more fun...

So Cute! So Cute!

Guess what, we drove all the way to Butterworth, cross over the mighty Penang bridge, posh rite? Millions people doing it everyday... lame lol. We went to Auto-City to have our dinner, after a little hard time of picking the restaurant to dine in, we actually went in to Sakae Teppanyaki for dinner. It was my 1st time there, food was quite nice and environment was cozy as well. Not much complain, and there was the 1st time I actually watching the Sifu teppanyaki-ing infront of me, kinda excited... haha... but the noise he made with all the ultensils are irritating as well. Don't expect us to have silent meal, we brag lots and lots. Those food are really satisfying and in a way, they will make us stick to the chair as we are over loaded.

Additionaly, I got to admit that I'm a total loser in remember route, road and jalan. I was trying to joke when I ask Beh to take a turn to Kuala Lumpur/ Ipoh and eventually he takes a turn. I was so anxious and ask why he takes that way, ain't we are heading to Auto City? guess what.. yeah, That's the right way to Auto City. Yameh??? Yaloh, because ends up I was there, having my dinner. I can never never ever know the road once I cross the bridge! Kidnap me and bring me to the mainland, you will see me crying for the way back home.

We all eat will full tank, and thinking what is going next... We are bunch of ringan tulang people, lol... especially the Ahmad of The Day, Beh. I suggested to go back to Island and go for snowbeer~

Somewhere at Church Street, there was a little bar. wooo... Penang ada tempat macam ni loh... We went in ordered 3 snowbeers, played 2 lame snooker game... When I called it as lame, it really does like how I named it. No rules, no skills, no technics, apa-apa pun tiadak~ plain fun! Me and Fake are like cucuking the ball all the time. We got no shame playing in the middle of the bar, haha... Hell cares? we know no ones in there, no ones in there know us.. No one care to look at us as well, but I guess got people laughing loud monologly. I saw someone that is so so so familiar inside, and I keep peeping to recall who the hell he is... and he peeps back... I wonder we know each others but had a hard time reminding or he peeps back because I peeped him too much? He looks really familiar, and that's the only reason I peep, no others thinking.

Don't Laugh, I know everything was wrong!

After the snowbeer and snooker... Dang Dang Dang~ Is time to go home, and after getting my Fake back to her hostel safely... I get to go home by the Ahmad Beh. I am hell happy as I don't need to drive for whole day, yet I get to eat so much and have so much fun with them. It was so wonderful. You might be seeing it as just another normal outing, I kind of agree that it is quite normal, but for some I also don't know reason, I do really happy about it.

In my college life, the day I stepped in I never expect that I will gain so much from it, not to say about those knowledge that I'm lacking till today. Is the frienship that I get to craved out from this 2 years. I never know that I will be friend of the girl that I was so freaked out when I saw her so damn over length hair on the 1st day of Orientation week, I never know that I will be so click with the nerd that I look at him and felt damn, you wanna eat that 'big pao' and u act like a pervert when the 1st day I go lecture.. Damn! I wonder how they think about me when they 1st saw me in college~

1 question to be ask before I sign off this happy post,

Is that so hard to kiss or to be kiss on the 1st date?

...I wonder...

The Mousekeeteers

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rolexphang said...

Wahhh sehh..referring to ur last pic, u guys really dressed from nothing til so posh together like that?..from lousy t-shirt as you said, and u pick those formal shirts and jacket..wear them and took pics together????????

GENG !!!!!!!!!!