Friday, 10 April 2009

Dua Keping : Two Pieces

Hey, I'm officially 20.. I can't says that I'm a teenager anymore..

I'm an old hag? Nah, wait 50 years later I will call myself an old hag! maybe not, because I'm predicting that I'm a metro sexual in near future and metro uncle in far future, I'm sizzling hot to burn my coffin...

Back to main line, Which I'm speaking about my birthday... Yes, it is my day, 8th of April.

Call me Sultan of Johor Bahru
I'm the royal blood
Any anugerah special for sharing Sultan birthday?

I have been quite reluctant to celebrate my birthday this year regarding to 3 points.

1st, I'm older and moved on to 20's, which I don't know should I consider it great or another way round... hopefully I'm on the positive side.

2nd, I have a nice plan for my birthday on Feb, but it spoiled badly and as the consequences I don't really like to remind myself about how the plan should go.

3rd, I clearly understood that I can't perform the very spiritual ritual of get ridding teen's life, HOT SEX ON THE NITE I TURN 20, sadly spoiled due to no opponent to perform with... sigh, deeply...

but still life's moving on, dumping my lovely MARTINI for my bash, I moved to Smoky Jack for a lovely dinner with my buddies in life on 7th April... before Smoky Jack, I went Gurney with my Fake Dear and Little Tortoise to have our vain lunch at Sakae Sushi. Why I called it a Vain Lunch, coz we keep on taking picture during the lunch, I should say it is non-stop...

so vain

damn vain

After having lunch with them, I need to rush for another session at night which is at Smoky Jack! I had a suck traffic jam on the way home to prepare myself, and made everyone waiting for the guy of the day... Once in a while, never mind la, dude ma.. haha

After getting Cindy, I got to pick up Piggy... and left the other 3, Elisa, Peg n Pot waiting for me, starving to death... told them to gathered at 7.30pm, i reached at 8.45pm... not bad tho..

Here goes the pics...

spooky or smoky?

The sophisticated candle light

The breads, I heart the two butter they gave, and particularly hate the middle red one!
taste like "fu yu"

Creamy enough, Mushroom enough

They called it as Garden Green Salad
I called it BangKuang Stick Salad

Smoky Duck Breast, nice and yummy
but it is quite salty and taste like bacon

Baked Rice, not bad tho... It got the creamy and cheesy taste

T-Bone steak, the portion is like a whole chicken
and the smallest size of the gang finished it.
It is quite hard as it is medium well cooked
Bravo, Cin

Salmon, not bad tho
simply just Salmon

Roasted Half Spring Chicken,with some chestnut
It is quite bitter with the sauce
makes me feels like eating the yok choi chicken

My BBQ Pork Rib, taste so fine!
It is so soft and yummy
taste abit like the char xiu

The Desserts! Clockwise :
Pina Colada, apple + pineapple sorbet, nice!
2 Scoops ice-cream, just ice cream lo!
Tiramisu, fine Tiramisu!

The vain us in Smoky Jack toilet, the toilet is fun!

I will be back for sure, Smoky Jack! I will comes with many many excuses to go visit you in any occasion! I should says that it is costly but worthy...

by the way, I got a Winnie the Pooh dressing in Jap, holding two sticks on hand, and I named it

This is Poohki and the Poohki cute master

We are so intimated

After sending Piggy and Cindy home, I drove all the way back alone. At 11.50pm, I stopped at somewhere near my house, gathered every single tiny bits of my courage and made a call, hoping to get a wish before it is my birthday. I got disappointed and I sounds like a desperate cheap whore! padan muka!.. but soon I was lifted up by those sms wishes and calls! yeah!

8th April
I whore crapping that long for the day before my birthday, and now only I wanna go in to the real day. I had a bad wake up call, mood was not that fine for me. After attending classes, we went the Jade Palace which is my last year birthday dinner held on, to have lunch, Thanks Beh! After that Beh said that he need a haircut, so we went to DeeBeauty to trim, and surprisingly i got a free treatment and a few stroke! Just F.O.C, how generous!

The we went back to coll, I was planned to go home, but ends up I went to have the SWC meeting. I don't know how to say about the meeting, It just went too far like how we used to be.

Went home, rest awhile, online... and I read blogs! and hooped into Felicia's, she is so lame that posted up the birthday cake that they bought and the G-string they wanna surprise me later of the night... Cindy murdered her, kesian and lame.. dai sei lol...

I went to Tiara View in order getting Fake Dear together going to Gurney to buy her make up stuff. We are so dressed up...

we are so emo

After finished those ki li kok lok stuff, we went to fetch Tortoise and Cindy, so bad that she didn't prepared and we waited for her, at the same time have some make up...

After gathered everyone
quite boring that night, but still enjoyed a little bit tho not much
Drink a little bit
Smoke a little bit
Dance a little bit
everything just not much but fun tho
Specially thanks to Fake Dear Birthday Present!
Lamborghini on Fire, with Love!!!!

On Fire!!!

at 2.30am, I think..., we went to Subaidah to have supper and rest awhile instead of heading off home straight after club. At there I had my roti kosong, and limau ice... I don't have much memory over there as I'm not so concious anymore. But I do remember before we went back, they all ask me to cut my cake and sing a Birthday Song for me~ wheee... and there a great thanks to Laze who splat the cake on me after I done my birthday wishes, then the whole Rm50 splat on the floor... urgghh heartache~

Dumb Ass
Fuck U Peace

The RM50, R.I.P

and it stained my shirt lots
as well as my face
but won't show my ugly face after club!

I hugged Cindy and Wuang Ching and share my cream with them.. hahaha

after all the drama, I went over night at Tortoise house and finally comes the end of my birthday celebration.. I think...

Some random picture of my present

Birthday Cake that Sherlynn bought me

The Poohki that Elisa, Eddie, Xiang bought me

The Froggie bin and pen that Kelvin, Fish, and Beh Beh gave me

The G-string that I wore so many times on my head, outside of my jeans and played with it
in club and foyer

Thanks all of you that wished or celebrated my birthday with me in a way or another, I appreciated it so deeply. Thanks me giving me a heartful 20's birthday... urgh~ I'm old!

I wanted to do a list of appreciation to credit all of you, but I can't list out all... I gave up torturing myself! In fact, I'm just lazy...

Wishes of the year,
1. Everyone can graduate on time with fine result! Especially me! please, give a life! I need to graduate!

2. Hopes that everyone that I know, I care, I love, live a happy life that want happily

3. Secret, but I wasted it...


Alexio said...

hugsssss*** to the birthday boy :)

EstellA said... sooooo happy..
i appear in ur blog soo many times..sumore gt pic de loo..
anyway..leave comment 2 say happy bday..AGAIN..hahax..
n yaa...u r oledi 2keping...pls laa..dun so childish le.. alwes happy happy de loo..
even u may go kl pls dun 4gt fake dear yaa..

Anonymous said...

Tortoise is so handsome ;-)